Saturday, 27 August 2016

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Whoaa Whoaa Whoaaa, going back to be so productive on my blog really makes me happy!! Yeppp! today I'm baaack with a new post again! It's my fav kinda post, which is "Inspired Look" posts! Not to mention that this is also Sailor Moon-related! Yes! This is one of them!

And this time, I'll be showing you how I and two friends of mine, Ayya & Anggara (just call her Anggun by the way) created...

 A look inspired by... SAILOR PLUTO! 


But there's a slightly different thing here. I wasn't the model for my own "experiment" this time, instead, it's one of my besties, Ayya, who volunteered herself to become my model. Actually, she is indeed my Sailor Pluto and I'm her Sailor Moon XD So, yeah, I'd always wanted to do this look on her. And thanks to Anggun, also one of my besties, who's SO CREATIVE, to help me with the very low-budget yet accurate handmade accessories for this look!

Now, let's take a look at Sailor Pluto.


Friday, 26 August 2016

Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa!

Hi Minna! Akhirnya setelah sekian lama nggak posting video, kesampaian juga sekarang. Jadi sebenarnya aku hiatus parah dalam banyak kerjaanku adalah karena dari bulan April ini aku bulak balik terus. Jakarta - HK - Jakarta - Makassar - Jakarta - HK. Ribet banget, dan... laptop aku rusak, eh laptop Zeno juga! Duhhh! -__- 

Udah rempong bolak balik, "perkakas" nya juga on off on off begitu, udah deh, jadi banyak kerjaan yang nggak kesentuh. Plus, sekarang aku lagi kerja temporary di suatu perusahaan di Hong Kong, jadinya makin sibuk aja.

AH~~ Udahan curhatnya.

Kali ini aku bikin video review dari lipstick matte yang lagi aku suka banget pakai~ yaitu:


Kebetulan ZOYA nih udah baik banget kirimin aku line ini secara komplit, dan aku baru sempat posting sekarang, padahal record videonya udah lama T__T 


ZOYA seri yang ini punya 8 warna, dari yang coklat-coklat, lalu daily nude, pink sama merah-merah, plus orange dan ungu.

[REVIEW!] Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge!!

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Yes! That's how I say it when I want to transform into anything with my Hensoupen / Disguise Pen!

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Sailor Moon Creer Beaute Crystal Moonlight Memories

Assalamualaikum Konnichiwa, Minna! Today's post will be a fun post about one of my Sailor Moon official cosmetic line (Miracle Romance) collection made by Creer Beaute! 

This would be the first one to be reviewed from all my collection, because... honestly, I never had HEART to USE all those Kawaii Products 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

But ever since I got THAT product above, which arrived in HK (from Japan) last May 2016, I decided to finally start using them.... well at least for review purpose? Since I got powder, blusher, black, white, and colorful liquid eyeliner, as well as pencil liner. What a waste if I just keep them and looking at how cuuuute they are without ever trying them and talking about the quality of the packaging and beauty products on my blog until their expiry date. Agree? 

So, let's staaaarttt!!!!!!!! 


Nah, that's not Sailor Moon's attack / transformation cast, okay? It's the name of the product! It's actually a tinted lip balm, with only one color. Hmmm... should I say a light "Ruby Red" color? 

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge 2 Moonlight Memories Creer Beaute Disguise Pen Usagi Tsukino
The packaging is so cuuute in an elegant way!
Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Moonlight Memories Mamoru Chiba Usagi Tsukino DIsguise Pen Creer Beaute

The design is pretty much like in the 90's original anime, only less rounder and less-toy looking, which makes it sooo pretty and meee likey! Haha. 

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge
The Disguise Pen in Sailor Moon 90's Anime.

Here's the promotional pics: 

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge

The above Japanese words said that it has 4 kinds of moisturizing ingredients, they are:
❤️ hyaluronic acid
❤️ shea butter
❤️ hydrolyzed conchiolin (pearl extract), and 
❤️ grapefruit extract. 

The retail price is 3,024 yen and it’s released on March 2016. You can buy it in Bandai Premium using a deputy service while it's still in stock. 

I wonder why the color of the pen in the promotional pic looks so peachy/orange-y. It's ACTUALLY PINK, with a hint of peach. So it literally looks like the pics I show you here.

Now let's see the inside of the lipbalm pen~

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Moonlight Memories Usagi Tsukino Creer Beaute

The color of the lipbalm actually resembles the red gem on the top of the pen, only a bit pinker. In Indonesia, we might call it "Pomegranate Red" a.k.a "Merah Delima" hahahaha XD 

This is how the swatch looks on my hand. 

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Moonlight Memories Usagi Tsukino Disguise Pen Creer Beaute
You can see how it's quite sheer on my hand. The color is pinkish red. 

And this is how it looks on my lips!

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Moonlight Memories Disguise Pen Kawaii Hijabi Hijab Muslimah

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Moonlight Memories Disguise Pen Kawaii Hijabi Hijab Muslimah Japan

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Kawaii Hijabi Moonlight Memories Hijab Japan Muslimah Disguise Pen

Do you like the color? The finish is satiny, which actually  creates anime-like lip texture. It indeed moisturizes my lips, so I like it.

It transfers to glasses / bottles / etc, like this one:

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge
yes, I drank Sosro Joytea even in Hong Kong (〜^∇^)〜 (?)

and it also stains, even tho the stain isn't really strong / long lasting (will disappear after lots of eating), so this is how it looks after drinking and a bit snacking: 

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Kawaii Hijabi Muslimah Disguise Pen Moonlight Memories
Before drinking, it looked more satiny. After drinking, only the stains left.

I didn't expect much since I understand that this is just a collectible stuff, but I'm glad that this actually is kinda good. Do you like it? Above anything, I really LOVE how it is. How it looks, how it feels on my lips, etc. I just . always . want . my . own . Disguise . Pen !!! Actually I also want the Moonlight Memory collectible one, it's a real pen and the red gem lights up! It looks so accurate to the anime one, so it looks "fatter" than mine. Here's the comparison:

Mine (Miracle Romance / Lip Balm)
Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Kawaii Hijabi

The Moonlight Memory (Collectible - Pen & LED)
Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge

Now that I already have the Miracle Romance one, I think If there's another one I want, it's the Sailor Moon Crystal  (2014) version of the Disguise Pen! Since it's even more elegant-looking! (´▽`ʃƪ) 

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge

So pretty right? it looks similar to the original manga version too! But Bandai hasn't released it, so... yeah... *wait wait save save*

I think that's it for this post!! If you like this Sailor Moon related post, please let me know!! I'll post mooore, and of course another Sailor Moon makeup review is coming! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Moonlight is the message of love! 
Jaa Ne! 

Pampering Time with Husband: Amethyst Minty Lemonade Mask & Rose Water Review!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Minna, Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!  \(´▽`)/ 

Kalau kemarin-kemarin sempat mampir baca blog aku, mungkin minna tahu ya kalau aku beberapa bulan ini mengalami semacam breakout / purging (entah yang mana), tapi intinya aku tiba-tiba jadi punya jerawat-jerawat kecil di bagian samping-samping pipi (padahal aku aslinya hampir nggak pernah ketibanan jerawat rame-rame begitu (kalaupun ada palingan satu atau dua dan itu cepat banget hilang plus bekas-bekasnya). 

Kali ini juga kecil-kecil sih dan cepat meletus (tanpa diapa-apain loh ya, aku sama sekali nggak suka pencet-pencet wajahku!) tapi mereka ini persistent banget, jadinya tumbuh lagi tumbuh lagi. Seperti belum tuntas sembuh dari akarnya. Alhamdulillah, sepertinya sekarang sih sudah kelar deh. Jadinya sisa menghilangkan bintik-bintik merah (bekasnya) aja. 

Selama jerawatan itu aku mau perawatan wajah dengan apapun juga jadi susah, karena somehow kulitku jadi super sensitif, padahal biasanya kulitku termasuk tipe kebal. Makanya, aku mau nggak mau jadi stop dulu pakai masker, serum, atau apapun. Cuma pakai miracle water, toner, moisturizer, sama sun block aja buat perawatannya. 

Nah, karena sekarang kulitku sudah mulai kembali stabil, aku jadi bisa mulai coba perawatan lain lagi. Misalnya, pakai produk-produk yang kupunya dan sudah lama banget mau aku pakai, seperti INI: 

Yes! Masker Minty Lemonade dan Rose Water dari Amethyst!! Sebelumnya aku sudah pernah review soal produk Amethyst yang lainnya DI SINI ---> http://www.sheemasherry.com/2016/03/review-luxy-body-scrub-sweet-berry.html?m=1, pokoknya intinya Amethyst itu merk produk rumahan yang semuanya handmade bahan-bahan alami... dengan aroma dan rasa yang gemesin banget! (?)

Nah sekarang, kita bahas maskernya dulu yah...

Acne-Fighting Mask

Ingredients: Australian Olive Green Clay, Whole Grain Oat, Mint Leaf, Lemon Essential Oil

Merupakan kombinasi terbaik dari bahan-bahan natural, untuk mendetoksifikasi, membersihkan, dan mengencangkan kulit:

❤️ Australian Olive Green Clay: Membersihkan, mengeksfoliasi, dan menyeimbangkan kondisi kulit
❤️ Whole Grain Oat: Membersihkan, anti-inflamasi, melembabkan, mencegah penuaan, mengangkat sel kulit mati
❤️ Anti-inflamasi, menghilangkan bekas jerawat, merelaksasi kulit, Membersihkan minyak berlebih
❤️ Lemon Essential Oil: Meremajakan dan mencerahkan kulit, mendetoksifikasi, mengobati jerawat, membersihkan minyak berlenih, mencegah penuaan, 

dan... banyak lagi! 

Gimana...? Formula dari alam ini punya banyak banget manfaat keren kan? 

Formula masker ini memang baik banget untuk membantu mencegah dan mengobati jerawat, tapi benar-benar seperti pepatah mengatakan: Lebih baik mencegah daripada mengobati!! Karena kalau sudah keburu kena "penyakit" nya, kita nggak tahu pasti apa ada masalah lain yang bersembunyi di balik penyakit itu, dan akarnya dari mana. Jadi ya... nggak bisa diprediksi deh! Makanya aku kemarin nggak berani coba-coba saat jerawatan, karena rasanya jerawat aku kemarin itu bukan "kasus biasa", dan kulitku jadi benar-benar sensitif. Makanya aku bertekad saat sembuh aku akan lebih ketat lagi mencegah masalah dan merawat kulit. 

Nah,  aku memanfaatkan masker ini untuk pencegahan itu, supaya kasus jerawat-jerawat aneh itu nggak terulang lagi! Mau tahu gimana aku pakainya? 


1. Pertama-tama cuci muka dulu, tentu aku pastikan benar-benar bersih dari makeup, debu, minyak, bumbu masak (?) dll. Hehehe.

2. Lalu aku siapkan masker, ambil mangkuk / wadah dan sendok kecil aja. 

3. Aku ambil dua sendok bubuk maskernya dan dicampur beberapa tetes air mineral, untuk porsi dipakai berdua sama Zeno (suamiku). 

4. Setelah itu langsung aja dioleskan ke wajah dengan kuas, seperti ini, hindari area mata dan bibir yah: 

Ini waktu baru beberapa menit dipakai, masih agak basah, begini tampilannya di wajah.

Saat sudah setengah kering, jadinya seperti di wajah Zeno ini. 


5. Tinggal tunggu sampai SETENGAH KERING (ingat ya, kalau kamu mau pakai juga, sampai setengah kering aja seperti foto Zeno di atas, jangan sampai benar-benar kering semua di wajah kamu), 

6. Lalu aku bilas wajah dengan air hangat, dan perlahan-lahan usapnya supaya bersih tapi nggak membuat kulit iritasi, soalnya kan tekstur nya jadi agak keras setelah kering jadi harus pelan-pelan. Setelah itu pakai sabun wajah lagi (supaya nggak ada yang tersisa sama sekali bekas maskernya), lalu toner. 

7.  Aku pakai rose water dari Amethyst juga sebagai tonernya loh. Yap! Kita bisa pakai air mawar sebagai toner! 

Rose water dari Amethyst ini benar-benar air mawar murni loh, dan kamu tau nggak air mawar punya banyak manfaat walau tanpa campuran apapun? Karena air mawar itu mengandung antioksidan dan vitamin, makanya:

1. Air mawar bisa membantu memulihkan dan menyegarkan kulit yang sensitif dan iritasi. 
2. Menyeimbangkan dan membersihkan kulit yang berminyak
3. Meremajakan dan melembutkan kulit
4. Merevitalisasi dan membuat kulit wajah jadi glowing.

Selain jadi toner, juga bisa dipakai untuk penyegar wajah yang dibawa kemana-mana itu, bisa untuk kompres mata, juga bisa untuk campuran masker seperti yang aku pakai ini. Biasanya kalau aku lihat ada calon jerawat yang memerah, langsung aku semprot juga pakai air mawar ini! Alhamdulillah inflamasinya jadi berkurang / kalaupun tetap ada, jadi cepat sembuh.

Gimana? bagus banget kan, selain banyak manfaatnya, air mawar juga benar-benar alami, jadi... aman dong ^_^

8. Aku benar-benar memastikan nggak ada sisa bubuk / butiran masker di wajahku, karena kalau masih menyisa dan jadi menyumbat pori, malah bisa jadi masalah. 

9. Setelah yakin wajah sudah bersih dengan toner air mawar, baru deh pakai moisturizer, karena wajarnya sih setelah kita pakai masker gitu kulit kita akan terasa kencang cenderung kering karena minyak, kotoran dan lain-lain kan terangkat semua, apalagi ditambah cuci muka juga dengan facial wash. 


Setiap habis maskeran dengan Amethyst Minty Lemonade ini, aku selalu merasa wajahku jadi tampak lebih cerah dan bercahaya (?) gitu. Aku lihat efeknya di Zeno juga begitu, dan dia juga bilang yang sama terhadap wajah aku. Kalau kami pakai sebelum tidur, efeknya sampai besoknya masih terasa. Jadi sekarang sih niatnya kalau wajah lagi kusam banget dan besoknya mau ada acara keluar, dari malam kami mau maskeran dengan Amethyst Minty Lemonade ini dulu saat malamnya. Hehehe. 

Kalau untuk pencegahan jerawat, Insha Allah dari kandungan-kandungannya, kalau dipakai telaten pasti akan membantu banget, karena setiap habis pakai juga wajah terasa bersih banget (asalkan jangan ada sisa-sisa maskernya di wajah ya!). Kalau ada sisanya nanti malah menyumbat pori dan jadi masalah lalu malah jadi nyalahin produknya! Hehe.

Kalau menghilangkan bekas jerawat, mencerahkan, dll, itu aku juga nggak berharap langsung instan, karena ini kan bahan alami, dan sebelum-sebelumnya pun, aku memang sudah suka maskeran dengan lemon atau whole grain, jadi ya  sudah biasa mikir "yang penting alami dan telaten, pasti bagus jadinya". Hehehe.

we had fun! 

Tips: Kalau kamu mau coba juga untuk pertama kalinya, jangan langsung saat malamnya ketika kamu mau keluar keesokan harinya! Coba dulu saat kamu besoknya akan stay di rumah aja. Karena, setiap zat itu kan bisa bereaksi berbeda di kulit orang, bahkan kulit yang sama bisa bereaksi berbeda terhadap zat yang sama, tergantung kondisi kulit saat itu kan (sedang sensitif atau nggak, misalnya). Nah siapa tau ada yang nggak cocok ke kulitmu, besoknya saat kamu mau keluar kan jadi nggak langsung panik karena ada jerawat baru atau apa. Tapi mudah-mudahan cocok ya!! 

PS: Owner Amethyst menyarankan, kalau aslinya kulit kita sensitif, kita baiknya pakai varian masker yang lain, yaitu Matcha Smoothie, karena secara alami, kandungan dari bahan-bahan yang ada di Matcha Smoothie lebih "ringan" dibandingkan yang Minty Lemonade ini. Kapan-kapan aku mau coba juga yang Matcha Smoothie ❤️

Oke, sampai sini dulu ya postingan kali ini. Nanti insya Allah aku mau share satu produk lagi dari Amethyst! Ditunggu ya blog post nya! Oh iya, kalau kamu mau coba produk Amethyst juga, kamu bisa beli di sini:

@Amethyst.ID (Instagram) 
Amethyst Natural (Tokopedia)   
ROSE WATER IDR 30K / 100 ml.

Thanks for reading!
Jaa Ne!!! 

[TUTORIAL] The Pink Aura (#GlowingEidMakeup Collaboration)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hi Minna! Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!! \(´▽`)/ 

How are you all? And how about my muslim friends, is your ramadhan being great so far? ʕ ˙ᴥ˙ ʔ 

Ahhh... it's amazing how fast the time flies!! We're counting down to Eid Fitr day only with one hand now!! So sad but happy but sad... (′︿‵。) I hope my good deeds during this month are accepted fully and I can become a better person after this! The same goes to you too!

Anyway, what's your plan for Eid? ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ Some of you might have bought new clothes for the Eid day, deshou?! Hehe admit it! (〜^∇^)〜

Although I'm not that kind of person who always buy new clothes for the big Eid day, I understand that it's natural if we want to look good and proper for the holy big day, especially when we will meet many family members, friends, and relatives. Therefore after preparing our proper clothes (and new, cleaner, heart of course!) we might want to look fresher by dolling up with some cute makeup! Do you think so?

That's why, here I'm back with another Makeup Collaboration with my Beauty Blogger Friends, under the theme....

❤️ G L O W I N G   E I D   M A K E U P ❤️

especially to be shared with you!! I hope we can inspire / give you more ideas to look fresh, dashing, and radiant on the Big Eid day! Aameen (´▽`ʃƪ). So here's the sneak peek for this collaboration!

curious??? (︶ω︶) read more, okay? 

Introducing #UltimaDynamicDuo Love from ULTIMA II ! ❤️

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Assalaamu alaikum, Konnichiwa!

Today I'm going to share about some cosmetic products that I've been trying these days  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ It's from ULTIMA II ! I've never had one before, but I knew this brand since I was a kid, because it's often used by makeup artists during family events like wedding, etc (yes, I noticed the brands anytime my family members or I myself got dolled up for the events, 。^‿^。).  So, I got the impression that this brand must have very good quality since it's trusted for events when long-lasting, flawless makeup is needed the most. 

A while ago, ULTIMA II kindly sent me lots of their products for me to try! I was kinda overwhelmed when I saw these babies coming!  O(≧▽≦)O

Yes, they are a lot, right? They consist of compact foundation, loose powder, blush, and lipstick, but in this post, I'll focus my review on the #UltimaDynamicDuo of this brand. What are they? It's the "Delicate Creme Makeup" and "Delicate Translucent Face Powder with Moisturizer"! yay \(´▽`)/ 

I have three shades for the "Delicate Creme Makeup" and two shades for the "Delicate Translucent Face Powder with Moisturizer".  Now, let's talk about the former first! ( ^_^)/

Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-Up Store 2nd Visit (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 2016)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

I'm back with my Sailor-Moon-related post! From this title, you who read my blog from long ago probably remember that one year ago I've posted a similar post. Yes! It's a post about when I first visited Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-up store in Causeway Bay, HK last year. Now I'm here with the post from my second visit!

TMDJ is a HK brand that started on 2015, and their first collection is in collaboration with Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi & Toei Animation). After arriving in HK again this year, I heard from my Senpai of Indonesian Sailor Moon Community, that the pop-up store opened again, this time in Miramar, Tsim Sha Tsui. So, Zeno and I immediately went there on May 5, 2016. 

The store's front look and deco

Thankfully we made it that evening, because that was the last week, and after that week, the store won't be there again, said the storekeeper who was not sure either if the store's gonna open again someday, somewhere else (this was confusing us, honestly).

Okay, let's just start checking the items! 

Back Again to Hong Kong ❤️ (LDR Marriage, and Life Changes)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hi, Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa.

Hisashiburi, desu ne? Yeah... it's been about a month since the last time I posted something on this blog. I've been missing writing so much, but for one reason or two, or three, or four..... I hadn't written anything, till today.

One of the reasons was, I was busy preparing my things to go back to Hong Kong. And here I am now, in HK, lying on the bed I share with my Husband Prince, Zenki-San, in our apartment. 

During the 9 months of living back in Jakarta (Indonesia) after almost 2 years staying in HK, many people asked me things like "Hey Sherry, will you go back again to HK? if yes, when?" And I almost always answered "I'm sorry... I'm not sure either...". Now that I'm in HK already, I answered the same to people who asked whether I'd go back to Jakarta anytime sooner.

Honestly, it's also a question that Zenki-San and I keep asking ourselves. Will we? When? Where? hhhhh. 

Pernah Dengar 'Mukka Kosmetik' ? Ini Review-nya! (Full-Face Makeup)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Minna, terima kasih sudah klik link ke blog post terbaru ku! :D Hehehe.

Sherry balik lagi nih dengan post berbahasa Indonesia, karena kali ini Sherry akan mereview kosmetik merk lokal, tapi buatan luar, yang mungkin kalian belum pernah dengar, atau mungkin juga sudah. Kalau Sherry sendiri sejujurnya, saat ditawarkan oleh brand-nya untuk me-review produk ini, baru tahu ada kosmetik merk ini, hehe. Nah, langsung saja ya kita masuk ke penjelasan produknya! 


Yup! Itu namanya! Jadi, kosmetik ini adalah merk Indonesia, tapi dibuat di Cina, dan sudah lulus BPOM ya, jadi Insya Allah aman. Klaim-nya sih No Rhodamine, No Mercury, No Hydroquinon. Mukka ini sebenarnya sudah lama ada loh, sejak tahun 2003, tapi selama ini beredarnya hanya di pasar-pasar atau toko-toko kosmetik biasa saja. Kalau sekarang, Mukka sudah tersedia di modern market yang sudah umum diketahui dan mudah dijangkau, seperti AEON, Carrefour, 7Eleven, Boston, Ramayana, Yogya, dan Idolmart.

Aku dapat lumayan banyak produk loh, cukup untuk bikin full-face makeup, seperti di bawah ini~~

Haha~ Masih sneakpeek ya XD  Makanya lanjut terus yah bacanya, untuk tahu lebih lanjut tentang Mukka! ^__^

Seru dan Senangnya di Launching Event Caring by Biokos! #BeautyWithoutWorry ^_^

Friday, 8 April 2016

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

Apa kabar? Semoga sehat dan happy selalu ya ^_^ Sherry kembali lagi, dengan event report dari Peluncuran Produk baru, Caring by Biokos "Advanced Hydra Protection Dual Action Cake"!

Kalian pernah dengar dua nama itu nggak? Caring dan Biokos? Kayaknya pasti pernah yah, nggak asing lagi. Hehe. Iya, dua-duanya itu dua line produk yang berbeda, tapi sama-sama dari Martha Tilaar. Caring bergerak di bidang makeup, sedangkan Biokos, di Skincare. Nah, sekarang, mereka fusion nih (?), jadinya disebutnya "Caring by Biokos". Berarti maksudnya Caring jadi bagian dari Biokos, gitu yah? Kalau begitu, makeup dan skincare menyatu, jadinya apa ya? Makeup Skincare? Skincare Makeup? Hmmm.... lanjut baca yah. Hahaha.