Sherry & Zeno's Wedding (That 1 Most Awaited Day in My Life)

On Saturday, 
January 4, 2014,
Two souls have become one,
tied the knot,
promised to cherish each other
'till the end of time,
and the day after.


will from this time on, stay together,
and fight in this world to stay true in the Holiest Path,
by uniting their strong, true love.

Well... actually, the couple we are talking about is.. us :')
So happy. Alhamdulillah. I can't even believe, till today, that we're now married. Just... wonderful. Haven't even be ready to talk to you guys about how happy, how blessed I am now that I'm being Zeno's wife (because I'm too excited!). And... whenever I hear Zeno said how lucky he's for being my husband... I feel heaven :')

So... this is it, I'm just going to post some photos, not all, because I always want to post new photos years and years after our wedding <3 Also, I always want to share our wedding story again and again, not only right after we got married, so... I save them for later and later and later.... :')

 Akad Nikah (Wedding Ceremony), with Traditional-Modernised Bugis Costume.
  A heart-touching, full-of-tears moment when we asked for apologies and ridho of our parents.... I seriously cried a lot. In this moment of my life, I realized that everything would be different, that how much my parents had given to me till today, and how thankful I am because they trusted Zeno, who, Insha Allah, would be the best man for me on earth.

Walking to our throne... wearing my own design for our wedding reception.

With Zeno's Sis and Bro, Sis Lina and Lukman ^_^

Too happy groom and bride with their too pretty bridesmaids... Chindi, Ayya, Anggun, Nina, Jolie, Vika... Ah, This is what I call: LOVE in one picture.

We thank all the amazing people involved in our wedding preparation and ceremony... my family, Zeno's family, friends, wedding organizer, photographer, all... just... thank you very much...

I'm actually too happy that even days... days... after our marriage, people still can't "move on" from the euphoria they had in our wedding... so happy that we could make so many people happy in our happy day.

In other words, our wedding was a success. Alhamdulillah. Barakah minallaah :')

Thank you for reading this! See you on my wedding related post... later... later... later... ^_^


  1. happy for you dear Sherry, happy ever after, Aamiin..

    1. thank you ka diaaah <3 amin ya rabbal alamiiin <3

  2. salam kenal sherry... ada darah bugis ya? saya tinggal di sulteng, sering ke makassar jg

    1. Hai ^_^ Iyaaaa kami berdua ada darah bugis hehehe ^__^


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