First Little Private Time in Hong Kong :)

Assalaamu alaikum, Konnichiwa!

On Tuesday this week (March, 18), I got my "private time" walking around my new surroundings in Hong Kong alone for the first time. I've never had the courage (and confidence) to do so before, now only after two months staying here, I finally could do it!! yayy!!  ⁽⁽ ◟(∗ ΛŠΟ‰Λ‹ ∗)◞ ⁾⁾
haha. (My husband and friends were happy that I finally could do it heheh) 

I went to a shopping mall near our apartment named Ocean Walk, I went there very often but never alone, and I've just realised that so many things I've missed there because I just focused on talking with whoever I was with (usually my husband or my friend, Febby) and on places we were going to, usually Park N' Shop (a supermarket). 

I've just found out that there are some Tsubasa Masuwaka 's Princess Mimi contact lense sold in a miscellaneous kawaii shop there! I desperately looked for it in all the optical shops but only found Acuvue & Lacelle.. and I'm happy now!! I planned to purchase it next month! (I just bought a Lacelle grey softlense on March 4, it will be expired in a month which means soon.. )

And then I was so happy when I found a Popteen Japan April Edition stood there alone on Circle K's shelf waiting for me to hug it. Heheh. Alone means that is the only japan edition Popteen left. I already got my Popteen HK April edition. 

This is the edition where for the first time Dakota Rose shows... if I don't interpret it wrong. And... I just don't know what to say. I told my husband about that one too and... hahah. still, no matter what she's kawaii, no doubt actually. (nggg I don't want to talk about blah blah blah, her things, but...) The thing that attracts me so much was.... 

this =)

(Okay I know this is Out Of Topic but I really want to say something about this  ( ≧Π”≦)  )

The size of Dakota Rose's feature............... (......really???)

I really have nooo idea what to say, but to be honest, as for the bodyshape, hers looks more natural here than in her SELF-produced videos. As for the face, it looks like the one she posted in her videos, only a bit wider, a bit more natural. 

I adore her features no matter how, though, I mean no matter how people show her photos with so many different physical features, they are all lovely, she was born with pretty features, that's it. In fact, to me, seeing her in Popteen is kinda refreshing, mmm.. I mean because she's different from the other models, she adds the colour. I don't want to think about things beyond kawaii look and fashion (for example, Dakota's life story or what) when I read Popteen. 
(If you have no idea about Dakota Rose, browse it yourself, okay(`^´)γƒŽ  )

Aaaaah where was I? 。(*^▽^*)γ‚ž

Nggg.. so after having my Popteen, I went out from Ocean Walk and went to Arcade Shopping Center. Hey, it's actually our apartment's own mall! 
And I don't know where I have been this far because I've never realised before that this Arcade contains sooo many beauty care center and miscellaneous kawaii shops!! (exactly all I'm looking for!! (⑅˃◡˂⑅) !! ) I've seen some ribbon and bow stuffs, pastel stuffs, Sanrio stuffs, Disney stuffs, japanese-related stuffs, and so many other kawaii stuffs that just made me happy simply by seeing the!

I've noted in my head some stuffs I want to buy, though (´∀`)♡ especially a pink Hello Kitty queen-sized bedcover for our upcoming new queen-sized bed! yayy!! 

For now I only bought some Sanrio's Marron Cream wrapping papers and Disney's Princesses sticker for my phone in Arcade. I also took some brochures of the beauty centers so I could probably have references about which one of them interests me the most.

this is all! 

I saw some art centers too in Arcade, like this one: "Freedom Colors Atelier" , where some teenagers were colouring some very nice classic or manga-like drawings. I am not sure who drew the drawings though, I just saw them do the clouring and it's amazing, what they've done. 

Ah, at night, I went back to Ocean Walk, only now, I met up with my husband who had just gotten back from work. We went to the miscellanous kawaii shop there named "Amelia's" . This shop is more like a kawaii stationary shop, selling stationary stuff, DIY stuff, children's stuff and some other kawaii stuff. 

I bought these ones. 

Even the glue is kawaii too.... "Deco Princess" hahaha (and it smells very good too!) 

So.... that's it for the day, It's very nice to be able to feel so happy only by having a nice walk and seeing lovely things! it really refreshed me and I think it's good for my health (⑅˃◡˂⑅) haha. 

do you like having your own me-time-lonely-walk?



  1. Hi, It's nice to know your blog. Wanna follow each other?

    1. yess of course I want to! I'll visit you soon!

  2. nice experience ^^ someday I wish I have confidence to go abroad alone :D
    I've already follow ur blog please follow back ya

    1. Hello! Aameen I hope so! <3 gonna fly to ur blog soon^_^

  3. Kak Sherrrrrrr....

    Love your cutie blog (=^O^=) Pinkish and ribbons everywhere ⑅⑅⑅

    Dan dan dan itu HK rajanya kalau soal stationary yang unyu-unyu yaaaa.... Lapar mata lapar mata, pasti kalap kalau dekat-dekat sama yang begituan. Mau ngeborong segala macam alat tulis yang unyu-unyu, planner, sticker, crafting stuffs dan itu mauuuuu washi tapenya lima karduuuusss hiks (T^T!") Yakin deh pasti harganya miring-miring disana jadi ngeborongnya bisa gila-gilaan (T_T)

    *sebenernya bingung mau komen dimana* *isinya beauty stuffs semua dan akunya nggak ngerti sama sekali* *jadi melipir kesini* *terus dibuang sama yang punya* (TOT!")


    1. Deaar Han sayang... iyah nih bener banget, salah satu hal yang bikin aku (berusaha) betah disini adalah karena disini termasuk surga jg buat kawaii stuff, setelah Japan yang tentu aja jadi goal utama ku., heheheh. jujur pengen ke japan tp takut blm siap mental.. jd latihan disini dulu ^_^

      wahahah jd bingung ya baca ttg makeup padahal akunya kasih link blog aku ke kamu awalnya buat kasih liat makeup routine ku ;p jangan kapok2 atuh ya main ke blog aku.. post ku bervariasi aja kok ga selalu ttg makeup... :D


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