"Kawaii Shopping" with Rini Cesillia in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Assalaamu Alaikum. Hello, Minna-san! Ahhh... it's soooo long since I actively do blogging.... how many years have I been leaving my blog and never seriously doing blogwking to my blogger friends... 

Now it's another new work and fight again to make new friends and visit some old friends in blogworld! But first of all, of course I should always post something... hahaha X-D

Now, Sherry would like to share you some happy story about last Sunday here in Hong Kong...  ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰

On Sunday, March 9, 2014, I arranged a meetup with one of my favourite bloggers, my fellow witch (read: Harry Potter fan), cece Rini Cesillia ! Bloggers who are interested in beauty talks, especially Korean Beauty, may know her since she's a quite famous Indonesian beauty blogger, with so many followers, and has been awarded as "The Blogger of The Year" back then in 2013 in South Korea based on voting. Isn't she great (●♡∀♡) ??
(Super Gorgeous!! X-D)

I know her far before her blogging era, since we met in our Harry Potter Community, but we just communicated through social media and has just met each other once in a Harry Potter event! so this is the second time, and we're (nggg.... especially me haha (*´∀`*) .. ) so excited about finally meeting each other again and even in a place we'd never thought about, before: Hong Kong  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Ehmm.. so I haven't told any story here that I'm currently living in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, started from January 21, 2014, with my husband Zeno O(≧▽≦)O. As for Cece Rini (I affectionately call her cece--older sister in chinese and she calls me meimei-younger sister in chinese), she just went travelling here alone for about a week and stayed in her family's house in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong (which is so far away from me that's why we only met once because I still can't go too far alone so I have to wait for my Zeno to accompany me, and the chance is only Sunday!)  (*´Ο‰`)o

 (me with  husband in our way to CWBay! low quality photo and different lighting haha just excuse it okay? X-D )

We arranged to meet in Sogo Causeway Bay. It's quite near from her fam's house and also I got something I want to see, A Liz Lisa shop in Sogo  ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽΟ‰❝ົཽ⁎)✧ (Liz Lisa is a clothing brand focusing the market on girls who are interested in "Gyaru" style especially the "Himekaji" or as I love to say it,"Casual Princess" style!) ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽΟ‰❝ົཽ⁎)✧

Our meeting point was in the 3rd floor of Sogo which mainly consists of girls' fashion, of sooooo many famous and fabulous brands (Liz Lisa is here, and also Ki-La-Ra, my current fav shop because it's an official Hello Kitty - Sanrio shop in HK!). Even though the layout of the mall's kinda confuuusing and the space to walk is so narrow since it was filled with sooo many people who were excited to shop (or probably just look around), it's really worth it! haha. 

(sogo CWBay from outside, pic by theHKshopper)

We just at first passed by Liz Lisa shop, and straightly went out from Sogo to have some meal in McDonalds. Well, we didn't take any photo there, but we did some chit-chat to "know each other better" (⑅˃◡˂⑅) .

After we finished with the meal, we saw a beauty shop named "Kawaii Land" accross this McDonald, which pulled us like a magnet, haha X-D so we decided to have a look there.

I didn't buy anything here, I'm so new to detailed beauty products and already have mine most from Etude House (still in trial stage...(Ο‰♡) .. ) while Cece Rini bought some products (she'll probably post 'em on her blog!). This shop is quite a mix of some beauty shops: I saw Etude House's products, Dolly Wink's products, and some products which I usually see in Mannings (like "Guardian" in Indonesia). 

Sooo we went back to Sogo after that and finally looked around the very small store of Liz Lisa. I actually wished it was bigger, I mean a stand-alone store, but in Sogo Causeway Bay, it is more like a booth, a corner of Liz Lisa. The bigger store itself is probably in Tsim Sha Tsui.... (I just saw the pic, and it looks like a stand-alone store).  (゜-゜)

(so kawaii, I love the shopkeepers, they are friendly and dressing beautifully... and the interior is just wow!! chandelier!!*0*)
What did I buy? Ehmm, I made up my mind to just buy one item because the price is kind of expensive. I'm not a must-wear-branded-and-expensive-products believer but I do agree that once in a while it's really okay to please myself with 'em. I kinda wish my once-in-a-while for Liz Lisa is once in a month...... since now I'm staying in Hong Kong..... hahaha is that still often enough? ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽΟ‰❝ົཽ⁎)✧
Well beyond that, I'm still a craaaazy discount and low price lover!! (●♡α΄—♡●)

So, I won't show you now what I bought, maybe later =)) but this is the pic of me with the Liz Lisa shopping bag hahahahaha (failed attempt of trolling ( /)u(\ ) ... )

Selfie Time! It's in front of Liz Lisa X-D

Hmmmm... yeah, to conclude, I was so happy because Cece Rini is such a good friend to be a shopping companion, and especially because our "taste" is, in some points, kinda similar, so she helped me choosing what to buy and checked me when I did fitting and it really meant a lot to me because I'm a kind of person who may probably decide not to buy anything simply because I'm too shy to enter the shop alone!!! \(o ̄(ェ) ̄o)/ 

Pleased and satisfied, we went out from Sogo and had some photos together along the Causeway Bay street. I kinda love the crowds and lights here when it comes to taking photos.

And... ah, finally, time to say "see you again next time"...  (╥_╥)
it's a really short meeting but very qualified, since we chatted quiet a lot, exchanged our thoughts and did the thing we both like together. (⑅˃◡˂⑅)

In the end, Cece Rini said "Ahhh it's better if you just stay here, such a well-ordered Territory, I, too, want to live here someday!" Let's just say Aaaameeen!! it would be of great fun having you here!!!
Liz Lisa Store: Sherry using Iphone5S
Sherry in front of Liz Lisa Store: Cece Rini using Iphone 5S
Sherry with Cece Rini Selfie: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Cece Rini's)
Sherry with Cece Rini: Zeno using Sony Alpha7

Don't forget to visit Cece Rini's Blog! She's gorgeous I'm telling you! X-D :
www.rinicesillia.com  (★^O^★)

Mata Ne~


  1. Awwww let's meet again soon! Smoga taun dpan bs k HK lagi jd bs ktmu lg sm km Mei hihi :*
    Thank you for the great chit chat, photos and quality time we spent together ^^

    1. iya cece ku sayang :* I'll definitely wait for you .. and now your post about Hong Kong too X-D

  2. Replies
    1. haha yes it's a wonderful territory! thanks for visiting!!! I've visited you back ^_^

  3. Hello sherry! Thanks for blogwalking! :D
    udah lama banget ninggalin aktivitas blogwalking. dulu nemplok sana sini. hahaha

    by the way, aku juga ngefans banget sama harry potter, aaaak! *histeris sendiri* tapi nggak sampe ikutan fans comunity nya sih.. hehehe.

    already followed you yaa, keep contact darl *cipikacipiki*

  4. Sayaangkuuuhh >__<
    nyenengin banget baca postinganmu XD
    berasa ikutan jalan2 sama kamu 'n Cece Rini disono... hehehe

    duuh, kalian kok tantik dan identik sih <3 jadi pengen pelukin satu2 *nemplok di antara Sherry & Cece Rini yg lagi pelukan*

    gatau lagi mau komen apa....
    Intinya.. KAWAII!! hahahaha :*

  5. cute to the max!! I hope you have great time visiting HK ^^//

    thanks for blogwalking anyway
    followback? xD


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