Happy 23rd Birthday, The Princess in Me!

Konbanwa Minna! (⑅˃◡˂⑅) 
Long time no see! I know that maybe I don't need to say sorry to anyone but myself for my lack of discipline in blogging. However, these are the months when I have been sick a lot and my body has been weak throughout the months, so... yeah, I do everything slowly, including doing the blog-post preparation. For example, it really took me days to prepare this post. (ΰΉ‘′°︿°ΰΉ‘) 

Anyway!! This post is a Nikki (Diary) post about my 23rd Birthday! 
What? Yeahhss I'm 23 this year, so maybe those who read this number and don't know me personally can stop thinking that I'm underage and got married? LOL (˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)' 

This year is my first birthday with Zeno as my husband. And I have to admit that it's really special to spend this important day only with him, even though it's just both of us, in Hong Kong where no closest relatives around (though it will be beautiful too if I could spend the day with all the beloved ones of course!). ꒰●꒡ ̫ ꒡●꒱

In the midnight of 2nd June (yes, about 00:00 am) Zeno wished me a happy birthday, and... you know what? He then gave me a special treatment you won't think a husband would do for a "birthday spoiling treatment" ahahah. He dyed my hair!! Yes!! He did it!!

(NOTE: click the photos in this post for better view!)

OMG If only you could see how good and even the result (I mean, he's really talented! lol) However sorry but not sorry that of course I can't upload the photo, even though it's a good chance to review Palty! Palty is a hair-colouring product from Japan!


In Hong Kong, every June 2 is LUCKILY a public holiday! You know why? because I share the same birthday with Buddha! Yayy!! (?) ahahahaha (˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)' . So it means Zeno had a day off for my birthday, and we decided to have a nice walk in Tsim Sha Tsui that day because we hadn't explored a lot there (meanwhile usually tourists are excited to explore this area since it's the metropolitan side of Hong Kong, the heaven for shopaholics too!) 

After I was ready, got dressed and all, Zeno suddenly asked me to stay in our room then he closed the door. Nah. You can guess that I was not completely blank about what would happen... lol I wasn't of course! I had the feeling that he might give me a cute surprise hahaha. You know what? Because Zeno's birthday was only 11 days before mine and I had done this trick too: asked him to stay in the room when he was dressed nicely, and came into the room with a birthday cake and gift, and recorded all the moment from the first. Ahahahahah. Soooo he DID the same!! hahahaha I know I know he's sooo less-creative however he's really cute lol! ꉂ ꒰* ˃̶͈ ꇴ ˂̶͈ ꒱ΰ©­ु⁾⁾·° 

You can judge it yourself, I uploaded the video! And also you can see how I was sooo awkward for being mixed of happy and shy (and also the feeling like "well I have to follow this, just like how I recorded him that day")
lol. ‼‼(⌯˃̶᷄ ꈊ˂̶᷄ ૢ)ꋧ

Have you seen it?? XD We both are totally derp couple hahahah ꉂ ꒰* ˃̶͈ ꇴ ˂̶͈ ꒱ΰ©­ु⁾⁾·° 

To sum up this video:

♥ I really LOOOOVE the birthday cake, especially what's written on it! "Happy Birthday My Beloved Princess Sherry" lol you can see in the video how I laughed stupidly while I saw "princess" on it. Please, you really can just simply ignore my silly spoiled voice that time because it's like automatically like that in front of him. If I talk in "serious" voice with him, it feels really odd
 haha. ꉂ ꒰* ˃̶͈ ꇴ ˂̶͈ ꒱ΰ©­ु⁾⁾·° 

♥ He gave me 3 boxes of (unwrapped!) gifts for me:

1. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset MDR-1RBT MK2 (I've been always wanting a wireless headset--yes I'm a headset user, I don't like earphone because they hurt my earlobes -_- and there have been some headphones now being left unused due to the problems in the wire. And I love Sony too! So Sony Wireless Headset is really the right answer for my wish (⑅˃◡˂⑅) )

2. ZOOM H2next Handy Recorder (Zeno said it's recommended for a beginner singer, and it's also used by some semi-professional bands so, yeah it's a good start for me to make more singing videos!  ⁽⁽ ◟(∗ ΛŠΟ‰Λ‹ ∗)◞ ⁾⁾ )

3. ZOOM H2n Accessory Pack ( A box of accessories for the recorder, like tripod stand, holder, windscreen, mic clip adapter, remote control, case etc... I'm really happy that he considered to buy me this pack too... ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूΛ‹͈꒱.⑅*♡ ) 

♥ I smooched him, he smooched me, we smooched each other. SO WHAT?! (˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)' . It's just... it's really gooooood to have been married (⑅˃◡˂⑅) hehehe.

so this was a photo collage of me with the gift. 


After that, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui. It's about 1.5 hours from our apartment in Tuen Mun. Firstly we browsed some shops in a mall called "The One", after that we went to Miramar Shopping Centre to locate the Liz Lisa shop there. (Yes it's a shop, not just a booth like in SOGO Causeway Bay) but I didn't buy anything. 

I'm sorry that I was too absorbed by our togetherness (?) that I forgot to take pictures of the surroundings. So this is how the shop looks like: 

photo cr: it's from Tsuriki's blog. click her name to see more of Miramar Shopping Centre.


After that we straightly went to the very nice and soothing environment of a japanese restaurant named "Genki Ippai Japanese Farmhouse Style Restaurant" which is also located in Miramar Shopping Centre--it's a bit remote tho. We had this odd feeling when we walked in the dark empty corridor in search of that resto.

We were the first customers in that evening (they close in the afternoon and open again in the evening, I think) but after that, soon many customers came including some very lively japanese persons!! hahaha It's really cool to eat delicious japanese food in a cozy japanese restaurant with some lively--original--japanese persons. Hahahah. 

The food were delicious (actually I haven't found any japanese resto here whose food arent't delicious), The price was okay and the service was also okay. The waitresses wore Yukata and the waiters wore suits, the cooks dressed like japanese cooks with something like cloth headband around their forehead (I don't know the name hehe (⑅˃◡˂⑅) ) . The waiters/waitresses weren't slow and they kept checking if we needed anything else. Even though it's a cozy place, it's quite narrow so sometimes people have to queue outside.

And.. ah. I remember, when we sat they immediately gave us food in small bowls (without ordering), and Zeno asked "What's this?" and the waiter said "It's a bacon something bla bla--(I forgot)" and I was like .. "WHAAAT?!!! I'm just about to eat it Ξ£░(꒪◊꒪ )))) " hahhahahah. So Zeno told the waiter "please don't give us bacon, pork, ham, or anything pig-related." lol (˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)'(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)' ALMOST! I know I was so silly. I should have been more cautious. 

Sorry I only got the view here from where we were sitting.

the food

The happy couple :)


After being too full, we left the resto and sat in the bench in a park and listened to a street musician (he's a western, standing in the middle of the street with his electric guitar) singing The Beatles' "Let It Be" beautifully. I was so touched because this song means something special to me, so Zeno came to him and gave him some of ours as a thankyou. He was very grateful and sent us best wishes. I felt so content.... ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

 On the bench, while listening to the street musician...

I forgot what the guy in the photo was doing. was he taking photos or fishing... lol

The atmosphere in the park was really this warm at night... so beautiful that I could't help not to add some cute edit ‼‼(⌯˃̶᷄ ꈊ˂̶᷄ ૢ)ꋧ 


The bus stop for the bus we needed to take us home was near the famous Avenue of Stars, so we stopped by for a while to enjoy the night lights. 

from the overpass before we took a lift (yes! lift in an overpass! lol) to The Avenue of Stars)

 That night, there weren't too many people here like the last time I visited it.

Look at that Yacht behind me! 


so that was for the day... it was a very nice day... 

and... these were some cute wishes for the birthday princess in me. I'm sorry I don't put all but I want you to know that I'm sooo grateful for every single wish and say aameen for me and for you too! 

 they wished the princess on instagram 

 Sorry no translation lol but She said she misses me a lot lol me too! She's too cute! She took the photo from the project site she's currently working in.

 This was breath-takingly beautiful, including the slideshow video of my photos.

 the photo was from my wedding! She's one of my bridesmaids!

 LOL this is her fave photo of me. I was 20 here but they think I was 17-18 here hahaha.

my co-princess XD hihihi

 And this was the photo from my Admin @indoharrypotter photosession hahahaha I can't even~~

 This was my post on Path of the short version video of the video I post here.

And Zeno reposted...

 This is TOO FUNNY Oh my God hahahahahahah! 

No it's not me in the photo, it's the honorable Lady Snape of @indoharrypotter. Ah I miss her too so much!


Soooo... that's that!!

I'm a happy girl, I know! And I'm so thankful for the great people around me, the more I grow older, the more I think that cute wishes are even way better than the gifts that usually people have to bring because they're invited to the birthday party! lol~~~ those childhood moments... ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

So, I thank YOU, yes YOU who read this till the very end! I wish you a very good day!!!

And... once again,
Happy 23rd Birthday, Princess Sherry! ❀.(*´◡`*)❀. 

*photos were taken using Sony Alpha 7 and Iphone 5S.


  1. kyaaaaa kyaa >_<
    kado dari kak zen menggiurkan sekali ;_:
    wireless headset *oke ini salah fokus*
    btw, happy (very late) birthday qhaqha sherry tercuyunggg <3<3
    umm... ;_;
    kalau ada kesempatan ke HK bisa dong ya jadi tourguide nya XDD~~ tempet2nya viewnya bagus2 '-')9

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  3. Happy Bornday!
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  4. OMG!!!! lovely banget ya km ternyata hihi banyak yg cintaaa.. aku jg cintaaa sama sheery lho!! :*
    Happy birthday yaa..meskipun telat..hiks semoga cepet dapat momongan, sehat selalu and lancar rejekinya yaah..
    umur kita sama lho, ak bulan april kmrn 23 hihi

  5. Sama sama kak sheeeerryyy so do I, I feel so grateful to know yoooooooouuuu, kaya baru kemaren gitu ya aku like foto2 instagram kak sherry habis kepo instagram mehong, then God let me to know you lebih dekaaaaaat. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa♡ postan ini semakin bikin aku cepet2 pengen nikah, pengen punya suami kaya kak zeno ih *lupa umur* HONGKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGG TAKE ME THERE KAK TAKE ME THEREEEEEEEEEEEE. Anyway itu foto kakak yg di pinggir sungai (?) Cantil banget ♡ yg ini bikin seneng banget nih, aaaaaaaaaaaaak ada wishesku aaaaaaaaaaak ngehehehe. Semoga hari2 kakak di sana selalu semenyenangkan ini yaaaahhhh, hiks aku juga pengen :" wkwkwk *mupeng abes* - sekir *smooch*

  6. Yang aku selalu suka setiap baca posting blog kakak adalah.... it makes me happy. dunno why. and it must be feel soooo grateful to have such a beautiful and wonderful life like you do. You have lots of people who loves you, always care for you and pray for your happiness.
    Kalian berdua memang pasangan paling unyu sejagad raya!!! Manis sekali, aku suka risih kalo liat orang pamer kemesraan di depan umum tapi kalo kalian berdua.. liatnya bahagia.
    Sehat selalu ya kakak sherryyyyyyyyy!!! I love youuuu!!!

  7. @VERARIE : Ahahahaha iyaaa alhamdulillaaah aku juga seneng banget liat hadiahnya XD

    Insya Allah ya kalau kamu kesini~~ aku sih ga bisa jd tour guide krna ak jg ga pernah jalan2 sendiri lol! tapi bisa lah kita meetup di suatu tempat yang nyenengin XD

    thanks for commenting!

  8. @LENIE: Hello Lenie! Thanks for the kind words! Yes! I've followed back!! I love gyaru!! <3 heheheheh

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  10. @KAK DEWIE: Aaaaaahhh aku terharuuuu bacanyaaaa T____T maaciii kak Dewieee.. aku juga loh kaya gimanaaa gitu sama kak dewie jd sayang... dan manggil kakak juga kaya "manja" aja gituuu biarpun aku kmrn udh tau kaka seumur sama akuuu T___T ahhhh :') so happy to know you!

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    amin buat semua wish kamu, dan ngomong2 itu di pinggir laut bukan sungai lol XD smooch juga sayaanag.. ditunggu yaaa disini!!!

  12. @MUTIA: Ya Allah alhamdulillaaaah kalau our happy story bisa bikin orang happy jugaaaaaa... :') kamu mah memang Sally nya aku sama zeno yg selalu setia bersama Cony dan Brown nya hahahaha XD

    kamu juga pasti bakalan share happy stories kayagini yg bakal bikin aku sama zeno nanti yg mungkin udh gendong baby , jd terharu dan berkaca2 :') amiiinnn!
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