1st Macao Trip (Two Lost Kiddos~ The Fishermen's Wharf)

Konnichiwa, Minna! 

Ahhh... Finally~~~ Finally~~~ Finally~~~ 

I have the time to prepare this post! And yeah... this is it X-D

Ever since Zenki-San (well this is how I address Zeno at home for a while haha) and I have been married, we actually have traveled several times here and there, and taken some (or I can say many :p ) nice photos.

And even until today as I write my first Macao trip post, I have been in Macao fourth times. Thrice with Zeno, and once without him :) 

~ T H E   D A Y ! ! ! ~


It was a chillin', 16th of February 2014, when I first stepped my feet on Macao land. (It's not Zeno's first time)

We first took a bus from near our apartment to the Macao Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan, bought two economy tickets of weekend and holiday service for 172 HKD (weekdays' price is 159 HKD) , and had ourselves (and tickets and passports) checked by the immigration officers. 

And... NO. You don't need to make visa or so to go to Macao from Hong Kong. just tickets and passports =) and if you have a Hong Kong id card, everything will even be way easier. 

Zenki-San had already had an id card, while I was still waiting for mine, back then. So... I needed to have my passport checked, while Zeno passed nicely from the Hong Kong citizen line, only by inserting his id card to a scanning machine, and also putting his finger on the scanner for identification. 

After that our ferry tickets were checked and we made our way to the ferry. 

Ferry Trip Duration?

We were in the Ferry for about.... uhm.. 40 minutes? The waves weren't really bad.... but for someone who hates trips using other means but car... well I couldn't really enjoy it. 

Once we arrived in the Macao Ferry Terminal in Macao, we immediately bought tickets for our trip back to Hong Kong, because sometimes all the tickets are sold out at evening / night.


Zenki-San went to the HSBC ATM in that terminal to take some Macao money, and... BOOOOMMMM!!! The machine couldn't proceed the transaction! What the heck?!  We tried the other machines and that kinda thing still happened... we really didn't know why and Zenki-San was so sure that even though we were in Macao, his debit and credit card should have worked, but... the fact was before our eyes... and I was like...... "Yabaiiiiiiii~~~~ we're dooooomed -______-" OMG there's just few Hong Kong Dollars left in our pockets and thankfully we'd bought our tickets for going back home pffffftt -__- (Some Macao stores/agents accept payment using HKD).

I was so upset back then that I couldn't even say anything but "I actually had already wanted to tell you to take as much money as possible before we went here but.... (but why didn't I say it and why didn't he initiate it at the first place???)" lol in that kinda situation you can't help but feeling so upset and wanting to blame anyone right? but in the end we tried our best to calm down and cherished the fact that we'd already arrived in Macao so we had to try to "survive yet have fun" with this amount of cash. 

After some minutes of being sulky and blaming ourselves for being so baaka, we decided to make up (?) and just not making the situation worse. So Zenki-San told me that we could go to some fancy places for sight-seeing only by walking from this ferry terminal. 

There's this information center where visitors can ask about transportation and stuff. We got our Macao map too from there.


Alright, alright, so what I'm gonna show you is the place we could reach as far as we walked lol~~~~ 
By walking in around 10 minutes we could see this temple (which was not used for any activity, I thought). 

Just went on walking, we saw this "The Underground Amusement Center" which looked like it's under construction, but when we checked further, looked like there were some activities inside. Nit sure what? maybe it's a casino just like any other, but what I read, it's more like a family game center~~~ 


When we walked further, there's this shopping center called "Convetion Centre which was too quite~~~ not really many choices there, and the shopping center is as long as the "corridor" you see I was standing in.

We walked further~~~ then we arrived in the area called "Macau Fisherman's Wharf" . Uhmm, actually this area is called a theme park. There are restaurants, casinos, and an outdoor theater called "Roman Ampitheatre" . Well, have a look, I was taking photos around the theater~~ 

Well, the view tells it yourself right? They bring the Colosseum/Rome atmosphere to here...


Oh yeahhhss, we're actually visiting Macao with our Baby Pooh ^_^

"Dou shita no, Pooh-chan? you don't like it here?"

Enggg.... Vitruvian Guy?? (WERE YOU EVEN SERIOUS, ZENKI-SAN? XD )

"Ahhh... so you're all excited as well, Pooh..."


                                              "Let's pretend like we're scared, lost kids~~~"


very clean environment ^_^

this is a huuuuge casino, but... ugh I forgot the name~~~ gomen ne?


I started becoming grumpy (?) again when I was hungry hwahahahahahhaha. I was soooo hungry but I kept saying I didn't and insisted to stay a little longer to take so many photos and look around, but I couldn't help looking all bothered because I was starving and I really needed to have lunch + dinner immediately... Finally Zenki-San forced me to confess that I was totally hungry and I did, yet I was worried that we didn't have enough cash to purchase any meal HAHAHAHAHAHAH oh my God that was funny we're both like still dating couple lol~~~ and when he found out that I actually WAS really hungry, he said "Daijoubu desu yo! Actually our cash is still enough for us to buy some meal in... Mc.Donalds" XD Wahahahahah 

Well don't get us wrong! Even with lots of cash or usable credit card in hands, we can't just simply enter random fancy restaurants... because well you know, we Muslims can't eat pork, bacon and their friends but all we can find around Chinese areas are this kind of food...  *sigh* well let's not talk too long about this :p
After being all full with some fried chickens and fries~~~ we used the free wifi service available in the terminal while waiting for our scheduled trip way back to Hong Kong! :)

Anyway this was how the area around the terminal looked like when I was crossing the overpass~~~

Yeah! So that's it!! Uhm, so that's it for the first Macao post. Forgive us since we both became all baaka in that no-cash situation so this is the only thing I can share with you XD 

(all photos were taken using Sony Alpha 7 mirrorless camera)

Sore Ja! Until the next post! XD



  1. Disana lagi musim apa ya? Aku kesana Mei lalu lagi summer dan ga tahan! Di sana kalo lagi summer dahsyat bagne tya, kalah deh Majalengka hahahha. Aku belum sempet ke Colosseum, cuma sampe ruins of St.paul's cathedral doang dan mostly casinonya hahahah


  2. @RIRIE : Sekarang lagi Summer yang panasnya nggak karu-karuan Rie.... terus humid juga jadinya panasnya tuh yang udaranya basah nggak karu2an gtu kaya sauna hwahahaha XD aku nggak sabar nunggu Autumn datang ^____^ hihihi wait for my next macau posts XD

  3. I've always wanted to visit Macau and play the bungee jump :D Looks like a fun trip! It's so enjoyable to read.

    Btw, I'm a new follower. Hope you'd follow me back.
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  4. WOW this place looks amazing! your pictures are so lovely! I love how you wear that little bow on your head and your pink backpack!!! I'm loving your blog so I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other.


  5. I would like to support the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge too~ Wishing you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  6. Oh my god Macau is so beautiful! It is actually in my "travel list" and I'm glad you've been there! You have nice photography as well. :) And you are super pretty! ^_^ I hope we get to keep in touch :) ♥

    Follow me, I follow back! :) http://czarinabear.blogspot.com
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  7. @MITCH : Hey Mitch, Ahhh yeah my Husband said he really wanted to do the bungee jumping in Macao Tower XD yet I don't!! I'm an acrophobic XD hwahahaha~~~ it's around enggg.. 2600 HKD if I'm not mistaken XD anyway ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!! I've followed you back, of course ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    @MILU SOSA: Aaaaa arigatou!! I always wear bows on my head and the pink backpack is Hello Kitty Backpack XD and yes, yes, let's follow each other ^___^

    @HAPPY WALKER: Ahahah.. really? Oh My I haven't decided any hahaha..

    @CRAZINABEAR: Hahahahah even tho This is just a short travel, I'm so happy you can see the beauty of it in my post ^___^ and arigatou gozaimasu.. Let's be friends! I'll visit your blog ^__^

  8. What a lovely blog, and great pictures too :)

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  9. I love your story.. i love your photo, and anything of this blog ♥ keep blogging, dear Sherry.,really want to see your blog's update. Hope someday I can go to Macau. Very beautiful vintage place (also romantic) hehe. xoxo

  10. OMG I love your picture!!
    Your so cute and the city looks wonderful!
    I hope you enjoyed your trip :)

    Xoxo & Hugs

  11. Macau bagus banget <3 Foto2nya juga bagus2.. hihih..
    Nice post dear..


  12. So pretty ciiii ^^

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyou so much :D

  13. Great trip! Love the photographs and the mood.
    About your last comment on my blog, Little Venice thing, right? hehe
    Wish I could go there too. :D


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  15. <3 macao >w< how beautiful they are?
    ga sabar nunggu next postnya dimusim lainnya '-' jangan lupa bawa uang cash lagi ya kakak zen HAHA
    aku pengen banget ke casino nya sama little venice nya A__A huahaha


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