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A Throwback Story: My 24th Birthday (Recovery) Story...

What happened on my birthday this year?

We don't celebrate Birthdays anymore as we have believed that that's the best thing to do as muslims, but let's keep this story here for the memories & the morals of the story ^_^


Uhm. Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa! Sherry's back with a story from long ago (?). 

My 24th birthday was on 2 june 2015. Yet unlike my 23th birthday, this year I didn't have any fuwafuwa video of me with my husband prince to share with everyone.... 

Again, what happened in my 24th birthday? 


On my birthday, I got the biggest gift from  Allah and my Husband Prince......

---I'd been coping with my illness---

Some friends/family knew that I had been terribly sick these past years, especially these past 1 year while I was living in Hong Kong with my Husband. I didn't and don't share what kind of illness I had online nor how painful it was, but I can now say that it was painful and made it hard for me to do my things everyday.

I took lots and lots of medication...