[VLOG] Zerry's Ice Skating FunTime! (Elements, TST, HK)

Assalamualaikum, Konnichiwa, minna genki

Today's post is just a nikki post about Zerry's (Zeno and Sherry, LOL) happiness while playing Ice Skating in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. 

Ever since we found that ski-ing Rink in The Elements mall, we always wanted to try it, but Zeno said "Let's wait until winter so we will dress in cold-ready clothes." LOL 

The Elements is a really nice mall I think, for shopping and having meals too. And... You know, there's this incident that  I forgot my Camera and left it on the bench! Around 45 minutes later.... after we FINISHED THIS:

............... We just discovered that we lost it! Thankfully... So many honest people in HK, OMG, my Camera was safe, being kept in information centre. They just asked our HK ID info etc etc and we got my camera back (well it's honestly not an ugly camera--Sony DSCRX100 Mark III, so I reaaaally reallly reaally appreciate how honest those HK people, giving it to the information centre instead of just putting it in their pocket!).

We didn't take many photos in the ice skating rink, and no one took it for us too so we have to take a photo of each other and edit them to blend my and Zeno's photo. 

two photos of each of us blended into one.

And some selfies.

But we do have this silly video you can enjoy~~~ hope you like it!


  1. too cute! >3< I love how you always wear cute ribbon and/or accessories on your hijab. I wanna try it, too... but it'll look weird to wear it to the office o.o or should I just go with it? haha XP

  2. cece cantik bangettt siii mirip org jepang lama2 XD
    sama mirip anak sma masihannn huahhaha
    btw donatnya bikin ngiler cee :9


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