[Inspired Look + VLOG ] Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-Up Store 1st Visit (WTC More, Hong Kong, 2015)

Assalamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!! Genki Desu Ka?
Sherry wa Genki Deeeeeee~~~~su! (^0^)/

 Hahahahahah so... I am in a genki mood because my husband and I keep doing more and more interesting things and visiting interesting places as well. One of them is...

We went to WTC More in Causeway Bay Hong Kong to see the Sailor Moon Pop-Up Store!!! Yayyy!!!
 Me, posing with my other self in the sailor form (?) and my four girls XD

I got this info straightly from SailorMoonCollectibles.com :

"If you’re in Hong Kong and a Sailor Moon fan, listen up! There will be a Sailor Moon x TMDJ pop up shop at Causeway Bay’s WTC more starting Saturday April 25, 2015! TMDJ is a new brand founded by Ivan Tomoyoshi Wang & Jim Yan. At the shop there will also be lots of 90s Sailor Moon merchandise on display from their personal collection, these items will not be for sale. So far it looks like the merchandise available for sale include backpacks, tshirts, pouches, cushions and socks!" 

So that's what's happening there in the WTC More hehehe. I'm not sure when it will end, but you can see the stuff they sold here, in SailorMoonCollectibles.com . I didn't take pics of the items sold there because many people surrounded the booth so I decided to focus on capturing the displayed collection which are not meant for sale instead.

Anyway, I got the item and price list here, you can just zoom in zoom out if you're viewing this from your phone, I hope it's clear enough.

To me, the price is quite expensive, I mean... like, I don't think of paying for a simple short-sleeved white tee with a printed picture on it with around 230 HKD (387k IDR), or for a pillow with more than 1200 HKD (2.021.000 IDR). Maybe because it's not the priority to me for now, like, I'm more into spending money for what can look cute ON me, rather than what I can collect and just put them at HOME. Think of Liz Lisa! Even tho the price makes some girls frown, but how cute the clothes also make them can't resist to give up their money! that's what I mean! But I guess it's different for everyone. Some collectors just prefer spending money to collect stuff they love and don't really care about their daily style, so I guess everyone gets their own share :p   

So now let's just go for more and more photos!

 We are Happy Family~~~ LOL

Below are the photos of the not-for-sale collection:

Have you read them all? I had since I was a kid! Have to admit that the story is to "hard" for kids tho XD

Soooo many of them and just make you wanna cry, don't you think so? Because I really do!!! I wish Zeno and I can settle in one place soon so I can build my own kingdom (?) in our house full of my kawaii and magical collection like this!!! Hhhhh...~~~

After we'd done looking around, we walked around the mall, and found some Sailor Moon-themed deco in other places of the mall as well!!!

Like this one!!
 OMG I feel so magical! I can feel my Legendary Silver Crystal Shines in my chest... it feels warm... (?)

And like this,

And like.... this! I didn't expect to find decoration of Queen Beryl!

....And the suuuper handsome four generals / shitennou OMG I was like.... aaaakk!!!
They were there on the stairs...

That's it for the photos!!! But I have this video for you!!! I hope you can feel like you're there with me!!! Hehehehehe

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That's it for today's post!!! I hope you find it interesting!!! Thank you so much for reading (and watching) this.

Mata ne~~~~~


  1. Waaahh, I want to be there ^^ and your outfits are so cute ^^


    1. Thank u!! And yes how I wish I could be there again!

  2. Year Sailor Moon, I love it =) <3


  3. Wahh, I miss Hong Kong, so many cute things to see there. I hope to go back one day. Gonna follow your blog!

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Yesss Hk has many cute stuff like this too, almost like Japan XD
      And I'm sorry for the late reply! Gonna visit your blog soon ❤️

  4. Waaaah this is so awesome! Im never been to any Sailor Moon store, and reading your post makes me excite ahhhh! Tuxedo Mask can i have a selfie with you? Anyway, i love your outfit so cute <3

    Join my giveaway

    1. Hahahah yesss the selfie with tuxedo mask tho XD I wish there is this kinda store close to my home hehehe. Anyway thank you ❤️

  5. aahhkkkkkk so pwetty! I Love how you coordinates your outfit lolololol.. sooo sailormoon-ish! I see that 90s are being in trend again nowadays, which makes me feel sooo nostalgic, especially sailormoon and doraemon being reaaaaally popular for kids our age. Kkkk~ I love sailor venus the most, it's a little bit sad, though that despite being the goddess of love she is cursed to never really have a successful love story T^T and yes yes I read kinda all of those comic books just to see the beautiful pictures <3 <3 <3 kkk~

    gosh, I'm rambling too much, do I? Sorryyyy just got carried away with all the prettttyyyy memories of the 90s~~ kk :p

    1. Hahahahahah I also love Venus!!! And Mars!! But still usagi is the number one closest to my heart XD

  6. oh my gosh..!! I really love sailor moon when I was a little kid..!!
    and you really look pweety ^^

    1. Thank you Melissa! Yes! It brings back memories :')


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