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A Throwback Story: My 24th Birthday (Recovery) Story...

What happened on my birthday this year?

We don't celebrate Birthdays anymore as we have believed that that's the best thing to do as muslims, but let's keep this story here for the memories & the morals of the story ^_^


Uhm. Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa! Sherry's back with a story from long ago (?). 

My 24th birthday was on 2 june 2015. Yet unlike my 23th birthday, this year I didn't have any fuwafuwa video of me with my husband prince to share with everyone.... 

Again, what happened in my 24th birthday? 


On my birthday, I got the biggest gift from  Allah and my Husband Prince......

---I'd been coping with my illness---

Some friends/family knew that I had been terribly sick these past years, especially these past 1 year while I was living in Hong Kong with my Husband. I didn't and don't share what kind of illness I had online nor how painful it was, but I can now say that it was painful and made it hard for me to do my things everyday.

I took lots and lots of medication...
 and did some medical checkups that were recommended by the doctors who handled me in HK, but... my health condition didn't improve. I had to see the doctor/s (in that private clinic I visited, there were 2 doctors that handled me) and buy the long-time-prescribed medicines every 2 weeks. It was frustrating because I felt that I took too much medication which of course would not be good for my body.

Zeno and I during one of his day off from work to accompany me to see a doctor. Zeno was always trying to make me smile even during my weakest time, like this one. He offered me to do selfies so I could smile. Heheheh XD

The worse thing was, I seriously didn't get better during that long period of visiting the doctors and taking those medicines. I cried a lot from pain, in the morning, at night. Zeno could not focus on his works because he kept thinking of me. Sometimes he had to take some days off to take care of me, which actually made me really sad. I felt helpless, and bothering him too much. He often made some traditional, home-made medicines for me, which actually worked way better for my condition than the prescribed medicines, which were very expensive, per 2 weeks, during 1 year.

We'd told the doctors a lot about this, but the two doctors' opinion supported each others so we didn't have any choice but to follow their suggestions. If you ask me why we didn't go to other private doctors / hospitals.... Honestly, these doctors (and their clinic) were so far the best. I mean, the environment was nice, they talked politely, they listened "better" than any other doctors I'd seen, and they looked concerned. I really thought we bonded already.

However... Yeah. I just didn't get better. I had done some checkups under their recommendation, and the results were not really helping to lead them to cure my illness. I was already in that point where I thought I just had to bear with the pain for the rest of my life and not being able to enjoy normal life anymore. Zeno asked them whether I needed to do some specific procedures, but they just said no and keep prescribing me the medicines. 

You must be curious! During that time in HK, I looked all lively and happy on social media! I visited many places and I took lots of OOTD pics. I didn't look sick. Do you want to know?

Well. My illness went on and off (which means I didn't get sick all the time in a whole day), and I always had many preparations before going out. Zeno and I both know I could get sick in the middle of the day, that's just a usual case for us, that spoiled all the fun, of course. I tried my best to dress up and look cute when I went to visit doctors for regular check-up if I wasn't really in pain, or to do grocery shopping, or to do evening/morning walk for my health, or just anything simple like that, so that I could post OOTD pics on social media, because I treat it as a job. Yes, blogging and microblogging are my hobbies that I also treat like my jobs, so I always wanted to consistently do something to run them, even though I was sick.

----Mahkota Medical Centre, Malaka, Malaysia--- 

Photo Credit: written on the pic

Some chances and recommendations finally took us to this well-known Hospital. I'd done whole body checkups (blood and urine test, USG, Pap Smear, Xray, ECG, eye and ear test, consultation with nutritionist etc etc), which were done in ONLY half a day. They were done so SMOOTHLY, by the SUPER nice and polite Hospital staff, in a very clean and beautiful Hospital environment, of course.

I'm not gonna share about how baaad my experiences with doctors and hospitals in HK before I met the last ones, but they really got me traumatized, and desperate. (Also, I don't say medication and health service in HK is bad, I believe in many places in HK they have excellent ones, but I just didn't have opportunities to find them). But here, I felt like I could see hopes.

Me, After the Checkup Procedure :)

After the results of my checkup came out, they read them for me and led me to meet this super kind and awesome doctor: Dr. Yeo Wee Kiat (you can google his name and find detailed info about him!), a doctor whose specialty is surgery. Zeno and I talked a lot with him about my pain, probably almost half an hour. I could see his simpathy for me and how he wanted to help. He even said this quote that actually broke our heart: "Oh God...! One year? You have to cope with this terrible pain in one year? How could you live like that...? How come you could be so strong to do that...?" :'| . He was also super disappointed by the fact that my previous doctors in HK didn't tell me about "my real problem" that he's really sure they had known/predicted, judging from my symptoms. Se...rious...ly?
Dr. Yeo's Place in the Hospital.
Dr. Yeo's profile...

My Birthday...

The next day, on 2nd of June, 2015 (my 24th Birthday), I underwent the surgery done by Dr. Yeo and team. I woke up later in severe pain, but I saw Zeno was right beside me, holding my hand, kissing my forehead.... and telling me everything's gonna be alright.

And he said this: 

"My beloved wife, Happy Birthday... I pray to Allah, to give you the best recovery from your illness as the gift for your 24th birthday...." 

I cried. It was really touching and heartbreaking at once. I saw everything enough: My husband's sacrifice to help and cure me. His willingness to do everything for me. How he said yes to take me to this hospital after a recommendation, made me do the checkups and undergo the surgery without a second thought, and even cancelled his ticket back to HK because he still wanted to accompany me during my recovery time. I just couldn't thank him enough...
Allah and Zeno has given me the best gift for my 24th birthday, the recovery.... ❤️

-----The Best Birthday Gift Ever----

So... Yeah. You know what? Alhamdulillah, after the surgery, I really really recover, slowly but surely. Today, months after the surgery, I can surely say I don't feel that kind of scary pain I always felt back then. I still got this slight pain from other minor diseases, but it's really faaar faaar faaar from what I'd experiences / coped with before.

Thank you Allah, Thank You My Husband Prince... This was the best Birthday Gift, ever....


But... Oh! By the way... this was, actually, not the only "gift" Zeno gave me. He actually had prepared something else for me. And... this was it:

It's a Disneyland official jewelry, A Minnie Mouse Heart Gold Ring, made in collaboration with Chow Sang Sang, One of the leading jewelry producers in Hong Kong.
He bought it here in Midtown Jewelry, Main Street USA, Disneyland HK. He knew I always wanted one... because I always looked at the stuff there with sparkling eyes hahahahaha.
Details. Minnie and Hearts. On the inner part of the ring, there are "HKDL" (Hong Kong Disneyland), and "©DISNEY".

 I was--and am, sooo happy. Everything's just too beautiful to be true :')


Now you know the story :) It was also a sweet and beautiful birthday story, right? Even though it's totally different from the "sweetness and beauty" of the last year's story :')

Anyway, I'm now staying in Jakarta, separated from him who's still staying in Hong Kong, because this is what we have decided together. I'm here to help him too, to prepare our future life, because afterall, eventually we will all live here, so I want to help him prepare everything so that when he comes back, some of his work has done by me here ^_^ 

PS: My body was weak by default, so I got sick a lot, but at least now I am physically way stronger and better than before ^_^

Also, I hope after reading this story, you can understand more and more that we can't judge a book by its cover. Some people can look really strong and energetic outside, but actually really weak / helpless inside. Don't ever wish them to do what you expect them to do by only judging from their outer look ^_^ 

Thank you so much for reading!

Mata Ne~~~


  1. sheeery, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm almost crying read ur story. I know u're stronger and can pass everything. Hope Allah always blessing u and ur husband. Hopefully ur body is getting better, stronger n healthier *virtual hug*.

    1. Aaaaa you are so kind kaaaak ;___; amiin ya rabbal alamiin... I hope all the good things go the same with your life too kak, Amiiinn... ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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