[Inspired Look] Dressing Up as Princess Rapunzel (again) Because I LoveHer XD

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

I'm back with a new post again! Yay! I'm happy to post many things on this September hehehehe. 

I recently received (sponsored) a pretty necklace from @KoleksiKalungKita on instagram (they sell pretty and super afforable necklaces, based in Jakarta, Indonesia) and I was like.. "well this necklace will look pretty if worn in a classy outfit. Oh! How about wearing it with my Rapunzel dress? It will match my tiara as well! So... this photosession happened XD
 See? The necklace matched my tiara so well! Oh! And do you like my makeup? ^_^

Wearing my Disney's Heart Minnie Gold ring that I told you in my previous post HERE
I worn my fav. Green contact lenses which I especially bought long ago for whenever I wanted to do a Rapunzel look.

Do you like this look on me?

I always love Rapunzel, so... yeah! Maybe someday I will make my own real Rapunzel dress! XD

Okay, Jaa ne!


  1. Haaa I'm waiting your own Rapunzel dress :p
    It should be super cuuute.
    And I love this look too <3

    1. Ahahahahah suuuuure XD I hope I can have it in real life soon hehehe thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Aaa.. super cute Shee!! Bikin gemes deh..
    Kalungnya cakep♥

  3. OMG you look really pretty ! And you are channeling Rapunzel really well :)
    Love the makeup and the whole look, thumbs up for you :)

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