[OOTD & Review] White Apron Dress from "Little Heaven" (Sponsored)

Assalaam Alaikum, Konnichiwa! Today I'm going to review the "White Apron Dress" which was sponsored by the Kawaii Mori fashion online store, "Little Heaven". If you want to know more about this store, you can check my previous post about it, here.

This is the picture of the dress worn by the model. It's a simple, a bit yellowish white apron dress made from linen, with an embroidery saying "Kiss Me" placed between chest and stomach area.

And.... This is how it looks on me...

Tadaaa....... (Can you feel the Mori vibe? xD)

The cutting is, I think, exactly looks like the one in the promo pic. The length and other details are exactly the same, except the colour. The one I received is a super white dress, unlike the promo pic which looks slightly yellowish, probably because of the lighting/filters.

The fabric is soooo comfy for a humid summer day~~ but this kind of Linen (since many different fabrics loosely referred to as "Linen") is a bit difficult to be ironed. It will forever look slightly wrinkled, but I think it doesn't look like a problem, I don't know. It looks cute, comfy and "natural" instead. Ahahahah.

On the pic above, you can see the details clearly. The part below the armpit is stretchy and there are ribbons to be tied, just for cutifying the dress. The embroidery looks exactly the same like in the promo pic, and it says "Kiss Me". (The white bow on the chest is mine, hehe).

So... That's it! Please check Little Heaven's instagram (@LittleHeavens) for their new Kawaii Mori collection! ^_^

Mata Ne~


  1. the dress is too cute :3 but I glance over ur watch, where did u get that?

    1. Awww!! I'm actually very happy you asked that! It's a special one for me! It's an official limited edition watch from Disneyland, which is only 500 pieces in the world ❤️❤️❤️ I have the certificate and the serial number of that watch XD my husband picked that one for me because he likes the design and the rarity concept XD actually gonna post about that too later ❤️


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