[REVIEW] Sherry's One Year With SK-ii (FT & Stempower Line)


I can't believe it's one year already!

Oops! Where's my manner! 
Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwaaaaa, Minnaaaa! 


Today, as I have promised myself, I'm going to share my experience with SK-ii FT & Stempower Line after 1 year use!!!

I started using SK-ii on September 14, 2014, in Hong Kong. I bought the products with a high hope, after around a half year joining the SK-ii user group on Facebook. I'm telling you, this group is suuuper informative, the people there helped me a lot (directly and indirectly) to understand about how SK-ii works, or basically about how skincare products work. I'm happy to say that little by little I could also help my friends when they asked me about SK-ii. Hehehehe.  

 Well, not gonna make the opening long! 

These are the SK-ii products I use! *tadaaaa~~~~~~~

My Toner, Essence, Serum, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, are all from SK-ii. I wear them at night, and sometimes (not often) in the morning too. 

Okay. I will explain each product I use: 

Okay, so these are the FT (Facial Treatment) line. All people who want to try SK-ii will be recommended to use these two first as the starter kit. It usually comes in a package called "Pitera Essence Set" along with a  mask called "Facial Treatment Mask" (skip that first, let's talk about the other two). I will talk about the product in an order of how I use it everyday!

 1. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (FTCL). It's an effective toning lotion with a mix of AHA and Pitera exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities. Its clarifying formula prepares your face for the rest of your skincare regimen (SK-ii web)

 Well, I like this toner as I feel that my face is cleansed well with this toner. It might be a bit drying, but I guess it's balanced well with the moisturizer that I use afterwards. In case you are a newbie in skincare topic: toner is used after facial wash, to remove all the remaining dirt from our face including those come with the water we use to wash our face. If our face isn't cleansed well, then the skincare products we use won't work effectively. So keep in mind that we have to make sure we cleanse our face properly before blaming any skin care products we use if they don't work or cause breakouts ^_^ 

2. Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). I usually refer to it as the "Miracle Water". Being the SK-ii's signature product and the most awarded best-seller, this product has over 90% Pitera, the miracle ingredient discovered over 30 years ago that remains essentially unchanged till today (SK-ii web). It gently exfoliates the face and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle. SK-ii also claims that it helps to improve the appearance of 5 dimensions of beautiful, crystal clear skin: spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated. 

Being said like that, I actually don't really think of anything while using this. I believe this product is really good as so many people rave about it, so I take it as "a gift for my face everyday", to keep it healthy (so you understand that this is not a must, right? But it's really good for your face!).
The next four products come from the Stempower line. This line is usually the first to be introduced to a new SK-ii user after the FT products. It focuses on anti aging/skin refinement (like pore and wrinkle problems), so it's basically what everyone (?) needs. 

3. Stempower Essence. It is a serum. Well, serum is not a must, it's more like an extra in our skincare regimen, unlike toner and moisturizer. So why I use this? Because I want to, of course. Hehehe. Just like I said, because this is not a must, it's only used when you think you need "more effort" to treat your skin aside from just using toner and moisturizer. As in what this Stempower line focuses on, this serum combines Artichoke Extract with Siberian Ginseng Extract, Niacinamide and SK-II's exclusive ingredient, Pitera. This silicone-in-water emulsion works to help restore skin's inner resilience yielding an immediate improvement in the appearance of pores (SK-ii web).

I like this serum as the texture is really easily absorbs into my skin, and dries immediately. I use this after FTE, before moisturizer. 

4. Stempower Cream. This one is a moisturizer, one of the best-selling products from SK-ii. Moisturizer is a must, no matter what your skin type is, because moisturizer is there to balance our skin condition, to make it not too dry nor too oily (well, if you find the suitable moisturizer for your skin, of course). 

This one... really really suits my skin! It absorbs into my skin fast and doesn't make my face look oily. Coming from Stempower line, this cream not only functions as a "moisturizer", it's formulated with a potent anti-aging combination of Stem-Acanax and Pitera, SK-II Essential Power Cream helps strengthen the skin and enhances its natural ability to renew itself, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and radically improving skin firmness (SK-ii web). To make it easier to be understood, it's like, you use a moisturizer because it's a must, but you gain extra benefits from it. Of course, it's still a moisturizer, so if you wish to have more product that really focuses on doing the job, add the serum.

5. Stempower Rich Cream. It's like the even more sophisticated version of Stempower cream! LOL, Zeno (My Husband) and I only use this on emergency cases, for example when we feel like our face "crack" from dryness, something like that. So it's basically like the Stempower Cream, but with more skin conditioning ingredients.

6. Stempower Eye Cream... is an eye cream, of course! Haha. It's a new product coming this year (2015) that claims to provide radical firmness on three crucial points around the eyes: the eyelids, the under eye area and the eye corners (SK-ii web). I actually got this as a gift from my SK-ii last purchase. I read somewhere that if our skin around the eyes doesn't feel different from the other area of the face, then facial moisturizer is enough, but if the skin around our eyes is dryer, then use eye cream. Hmm, since this one is a freebie, so why wouldn't I use this? :p So far, I like this. I use this after my moisturizer.

From this product explanation, it's clear that each skincare product works differently and helps each other, so the result in my face comes from the combination of these products. 

-----So... how's the result?----

Every person reacts differently to a product, and for me, the biggest effect I saw after using SK-ii so far is... 

1. Less/No Dull & Dirty Face!!! 

Have you ever felt like you hate how you look when you wake up because it looks like your face is sooo dirty and greasy like you are prepared to fry an egg for your breakfast on your own face? XD I have!!! But now, I feel sooo much better! When my face was greasy, it would look darker than it actually was. But no, now when I wake up, I find my face shines like its true colour (?) hahahaha. I mean, my skin is quite light, so when I see my face in the morning, it's as light as normal, but with some natural oil which is not disgusting (?).

During the day when I wear makeup, too, my face won't look too oily, except the nose part which is quite frustrating.

Hahahaha. I don't know, it's not something I can stop, I guess? But so far I feel Sk-ii helps me controlling the oil production, and cleaning the dead skin cells so it makes my face less-dull and oily.

2. No Flaky, Dry, Dehydrated Skin!

I experienced two winters in Hong Kong. My first winter... was horrible for my skin! How I was frustrated when my skin became suuuper tight, dry, and flaky! Can you even imagine how painful and terrible-looking my face was back then? Makeup couldn't help concealing, even in fact, makeup may look worse if applied on unhealthy, dry skin, so that happened to me too. I bought different brands of moisturizers (I tried Garnier, Etude House, Tony Moly, etc) but they didn't help. I forgot how my face eventually healed later on, LOL. But for the second winter, I had prepared myself with SK-ii. I was excitedly waiting for winter to come, to know whether SK-ii would protect me and my husband whose skin was drier than me from winter dryness. 

And... yessss!!!! SK-ii did the job! Zeno and I were so thankful and happy (because he used mine too since his skin is the dry type). Winter is the time of the year when you can wear cute fluffy coat, beanie, etc, and the dressing up game will be perfect with cute makeup on a healthy face, right? So... yeah! Hahahaha.

Now that you've read my winter story, I guess you can guess how SK-ii is so helpful on daily basis. Even today when I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, with only 2 seasons (Dry and Rainy),  my skin is still nicely moisturized without being too oily. 

With this being said, of course, my makeup also blends better now on my skin.

 3. Smaller Pores, Smoother Skin, Yay!

Yes, smaller pores! I remember one day realizing that my pores were soooo sooo big that I started crying to my husband while showing my face to him and he was like "It's okay, calm down, don't cry, let's look for ways to make them get better" (then we bought SK-ii after that). This face condition happened, I believe, because BEFORE we got married, I'd never worn any sunblock/sunscreen nor makeup that has SPF, so the UV exposure was responsible in this case, and only after we got married that I... started noticing it.

And... yeah! I'm so glad SK-ii helps me! My pores are seriously getting smaller, and no, I don't say they are completely vanished lol of course as a human I still have pores, but believe me they don't look disgusting that make me want to cry anymore LOL. My facial skin also feels and looks smoother than before.  

4. Healthier, Fresher, Firmer Face!

I don't really understand, but I think it's because my skin is always finely hydrated and enriched with the beneficial ingredients from SK-ii? I just feel it! When you feel healthier, you will also feel more beautiful! Hehehehe. I don't really understand about whether my fine lines and wrinkles were reduced, but I think my face looks firmer too. Well, basically I love seeing my bare face better than I did before.  

5. About Purging...

"Purging", which here means the process of removing the "bad things" underneath our facial skin, is, I think, the number one thing the SK-ii users and non SK-ii users are afraid of from using SK-ii. Why? Because the bad things will come out from underneath, and exposed on our skin. But after this process, they will eventually leave the skin forever. During this purging, we will usually see some, to lots, of pimples on our face. Hahaha seriously, if it means detoxification, we shouldn't actually be afraid, right? But still, imagine how if you have to meet a very important person or attend a very important event while you're in that purging process. Ergghh. Must not feel good. Hahahah, yeah, understandable. 

In my case, I actually wished SK-ii would do its work--detoxifying my facial skin, but without causing too heavy breakouts. And then... Purging eventually happened to me after 6 months of using SK-ii. Actually I didn't understand back then if it was purging from SK-ii or just... the skin being sensitive from the change of season. It was around April - May, in Hong Kong it's changing season from Spring to the super hot Summer. My face was red from pimples here and there, but I don't think it became super bad, just a bit not-smooth looking lol. Today, however, it doesn't happen anymore.     

Ahhhh... to conclude my review, I'll show you what I wrote in my diary, on December 4, 2014:

"Alhamdulillah I'm so grateful that my SK-ii regimen does wonder!!!
Oh, how I love every one of them!! 
Mine are:
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion + Facial Treatment Essence + Stempower Essence + Stempower Cream / Rich Cream / Both in different areas of face + Stempower Eye Cream.
It's winter and mine and Prince Zeno's face are all nice and not dry!!! The Rich Cream really does its work as an emergency rescue tool. When the dryness starts asking for more attention, it will take the basic Stempower Cream's role.
The eye cream tho!!! I thought I have something round on my right upper eyelid which look like.. Err.. I don't know but not acne, looks like milia but bigger. And after almost a month using it... -- and its friends together...
POOFFF. Today it's just totally gone. Believe me I was surprised to notice the process of how it's getting ridden of.
And now... Ohhh I really love seeing how the makeup stays in my face. Just looks so pretty and natural.
I officially fall in love with SK-ii."


Now if you ask me whether I still feel the same... yes I do :') 


I haven't reached the best or desired type of skin I want, of course. Sometimes on bad times, my face would still become dull, which is normal to me. And until today, I still have lots of blackheads. However, I'm not saying that my blackheads never leave my face during this one year, no! Sometimes my face looked so clean, the blackheads were gone, but on the other times, they would come back and invade (?) my face again, and then they go away again, and come back again, that's it. I guess that has something to do with how I clean my face after makeup/before sleep too. 
My bare skin. You can click and zoom to see the details (desktop view is better). You can see a few blackheads on my nose and cheeks, but my pores are far nicer than before.

Do you do "Double Cleansing"? I mean, if you wear makeup, do you clean your face first with milk cleanser / cleansing oil / makeup remover, before washing your face with facial foam/wash at night? If you don't do that and you wear makeup, start doing it! After that, then use your toner. I read everywhere that this Double Cleansing routine helps a lot to fight blackheads. When I did that, I felt that too, but sometimes I skipped the milk cleanser, so....... :p 

My eyes look healthier, but I do believe that black panda eyes and sagging skin under eyes are also from the sleeping habit. When my sleeping habit is bad, they go bad too, vice versa. We have to help our products work better by having a good life pattern. 

Also, I still have blemishes from my past pimples which were not cured fast (before I used Sebamed Clear Face Acne Gel), but SK-ii helps healing pimples and removing blemishes faster 


I think I should copy paste my words from my first SK-ii post here, 

"Even tho you already have good skin, it's important to take care of them in any ways possible (for example by using homemade treatments, or eating healthy and drinking lots of mineral water, or working out, or trying some safe, certified, and trusted skincare products..... or.... you can do some, or all of them at once.) because the better you take care of something, the longer you can have it staying in the form you want."

And yeah, that's just so true. 

Oh, and my last statement here would be...

"If you ask me whether I want to try any other skin care regimen, I say, "No, Thank You. I love SK-ii, and I trust SK-ii. It's good for any kind of skin, and it's good for you even though you don't see it now, as long as you use it properly."

I hope you find this post helpful and informative! 
Jaa ne!


  1. Aa lengkap bangett.. Kondisi kukit kamu bagusss..
    Makasi infonya Shee.. Cici jg pengen nih cobain. Hehhe

    1. Iyaaaa, udah dari lama siapin post nya dan baru kelar sekarang :')

      Alhamdulillah ni ce, doakan semoga semakin baik. komedonya yg masih gak banget karena gampang banget balik lagi :')

  2. Sherry I wonder if you're realizing or not, you wrote the number two twice XD

    SK-II is too pricey to me.. But by that my life goal is to be SK-II spokesperson like kak Alo (huhu, dreams what keeps us alive right)
    And.. After read this.. I really want to make my own money and save it to buy SK-II.. Or am I too young for this? XD

    1. Hahaha thanks for telling me! I corrected it right after I read your comment!! :p
      And, how old are u again? I read that sk-ii is recommended right from when we're 17 years old :D the models of SK-ii indeed look mature hahah, because it's to show us that even in that age they still look flawless wkwkwkwk

  3. aaaak thank you for deep review :* :* I've already used FTE for one year and I love love it so much, my skin is more stable, I mean I have skin condition as same as yours and before I used FTE I felt desperate about my skin condition. Now, my skin almost fine except large pores :( I also use SK II Cellumination Deep surge EX and SK II Cellumination mask in lotion, but I've used both maybe 2 months and I don't see any significant effect yet like FTE. I wanna try stempower eye cream, aaak my sleep habit is so bad and I used clinique serum but after read ur review maybe SK II is good to try

    1. Ahhh youre welcome! ❤️
      So happy to know that FTE works for you too! Anyway if your problem is the large pores then probably you can change the cellumination line to the stempower line because as I said, this line focuses on skin refinement (anti-aging, pores etc), while as far as I'm concerned, the cellumination line is for brightening, something like that. I have the deep surge ex too (got that as a freebie too hehe) but I like the texture of the stempower cream better :D good luck!

  4. aaah Sherry baca review kamu aku jadi makin mantep pengen nyobain SK II secara konsisten, heheheee..
    kepengen nabung dulu dan mastiin kalo bia terus secara rutin pake SK II, soalnya sayang kalo beli cuma trialnya terus abis gitu berhenti pake. karena pasti hasilnya ngga akan maksimal.
    doain yaa Sherry ^^

    Amanda writer of www.TipsCantikManda.com

    1. Aaaaaahhhh iyaaaa bener kak Mandaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bagusnya emang sekali pake langsung konsisten biar berasa hasilnyaaa ❤️😽❤️😽


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