[FEATURED] Sherry on Geek and Sundry's Article: Hijabi Lolita: conversations on Faith, Fashion, and Fandom

Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday, today!

Okay, this post is actually more like a "documentation", of the time I was featured in the cool
Geek and Sundry website! 

What is Geek and Sundry?

Geek & Sundry is a website, a YouTube Multi Channel Network, and production company started by Felicia Day, Kim Evey, and Sheri Bryant.
When It launched on April 2, 2012, the main Geek & Sundry channel was a part of YouTube's Original Channel Initiative. This was a Google-funded effort to generate original creative content on the YouTube platform. A large volume of content-creators submitted applications, and Geek & Sundry was one of the 100 channels that were chosen.
G&S was also one of the channels that was deemed successful enough to receive a 2nd year of funding. Additional channels were also added to the Geek & Sundry umbrella, expanding the platform into a Multi Channel Network. (http://geekandsundry.wikia.com/wiki/Geek_and_Sundry)
I received an email from the awesome Edie Nugent saying that she's interested to interview me for Geek and Sundry as a Kawaii Hijabi. I was moooore than honoured to accept that! And here's me in Geek and Sundry page, along with Sugar Noor, the Hijabi Lolita :) It was published on August , 2015 ^_^

How was it? I'm happy and proud to be featured here. I feel like introducing how much I love Kawaii style and culture without forgetting my faith. I love both of them, and I always want to get better day by day! I hope I can be even better as an example for both Muslims and Kawaii-Enthusiasts!

Thanks for reading!

Jaa ne!


  1. congratulation sayang :) aku juga suka banget sama stylenya sherry, so cute <3 <3

    1. Ehehehehe makasih banyaaakk kakaaaakkk, alhamdulillaaahhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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