A December's Sweet Saturday (Garnier Academy Girls Gathering)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

On Saturday, December 20th, 2015, Garnier Academy Girls 1st Generation reunited for the first time after #Project1Weeek ended. Yes, we gathered again to discuss about our upcoming event! Yayy! This time, we will be the one organizing the event, coached by Garnier and Visicom as the EO for the Project 1 Week. If you haven't known what I am talking about, please read my Garnier Academy Project 1 Week 2015 story! (CLICK!)

We met in Nanny's Pavillion, Kota Kassablanka, Jakarta. From 17 girls, too bad only 10 could attend. We were happy to finally met each other again. 

Me, Vira, Meylisa, and Dee ^_^
This was my OOTD~~~ Do you like it? ^_^ Since I have two big frilly bows on my shoulder, I decided not to wear any bow on my head ^_^ was that a wise decision? Hehehe. This was the second time I wore this top. I really love this, but it's not easy to be matched with. Some wrong combination would make me look super fat and round XD I'm glad I have this floral skirt!

Hani, Meylisa, Dee, Arin, Novira, Ivone, Raras, Me, Vira, and Puti ^_^ Shiva from Garnier and "Mommy" Yanti from Visicom also came to lead our discussion. Actually, they were more like accompanying us because they wanted us to naturally initiate everything.(photo credit to Hani ^_^)
I cannot tell what we are going to do, shhhh... it's still a secret! XD Hehehehe~~~
  But we have made a committee tree (?) for this project, and this pretty girl beside me, Vira, is from now on our team leader! Yassshh!! She's soooo suitable for that position! And of course since I am a blogger, I am in charge for publication XD
This was the food I had for lunch that day! It's a choco pancake in a hotplate! I don't remember the complete name but it was delicious! YUM! ^___________^

After this meeting, I decided to call my friend and we walked around Kota Kassablanka for a while and had dinner together. How I wish my Husband Prince was here too and we could have fun together :')

Thanks for reading, minna! I love you.

Jaa ne!

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