Fun Time in Japanese Film Festival, Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta.

 Assalaamu Alaikum, Konbanwa!

Today, I want to share a story about my fun time with my friends Ayya, Denny, and Rizuki in
  Japanese Film Festival Indonesia in CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia, Jakarta!

When we arrived at CGV Blitz, we saw many Japanese people. I thought some of them were crews of this event, something like that. We bought the tickets, so cheap! Only IDR 20000 (USD 1.4) per ticket. It's seriously considered cheap for such a very nice theater like CGV Blitz of Grand Indonesia, and that the event was not a common daily event. Here's the info of the movies played in JFF 2015:

That's the list of the movies played in JFF Indonesia 2015! I actually wished to watch all the movies, but since Grand Indonesia Mall was far from my house and I was also busy, yeah... I couldn't.
But I managed to watch two of them with my friends Ayya, Denny, and Rizuki on Saturday, November 28th 2015. 
 We bought so much food from Tous Les Jours and Blitz cafe before entering the cinema. And funny, we didn't realize that we're already half an hour late, so we still even made time for taking this food and ticket photo!! Hahahaha XD

 The first movie we watched was... A Samurai Chronicle!
It was a story about a young Samurai who was sent to watch over a retired Samurai who's faithfully accepted a confinement and punishment of doing harakiri (killing himself) in the coming 3 years for a crime he actually had never done. The story follows this young Samurai's investigation of what was really happening in the past.
I took photos of the screen, LOL XD
This movie's tone was so calming. It told us a lot about the the life and morality of a real Samurai.

After the movie finished, we were surprised because the director of this movie himself, the well-respected Mr. Takashi Koizumi, were present before us and was ready to answer questions from the audiences.
We were surprised too to see a well-respected actress from Indonesia, Mrs. Christine Hakim, was present there too. She's so passionate about this movie, she kept praising the director and hugged him, and all. And I guess she's actually passionate about Japanese culture in general.

Overall, the movie is beautiful, and the audiences loved it, especially Mrs. Christine Hakim, of course. She said that Mr. Koizumi and crews had carefully picked everything for this movie to create harmony, and that the ending of this movie was perfect.

Anyway, it's totally a colossal drama. If you are into things like that, you will like it, but my two friends, Ayya and Rizuki, expected to see action/battle scenes in it, and... yeah, disappointed, because this movie was not that kind of movie. ^_^
Rizu and I took selfies in restroom mirror while waiting for Ayya in the toilet ahahahah

After watching the movie, we had a rest to go to restroom and pray. And guess what?!!! We had a handsome, young, japanese man to be our Imam (leader in praying) that time!!! OMG I was so moved to hear his Arabic pronunciation was sooo good!!! :') We saw him alone taking ritual ablution, and when he saw us coming, I felt like he was waiting for us to get ready and pray together, so we did! Ahhh... May Allah bless him :')

The second movie we watched was "The Kirishima Thing". We actually expected to watch a movie with more tension, since the previous one was so calming. Hahaha. But it turned out, the movie was a comedy drama about a bunch of high school students with different passion and personality, who're being distracted by the disappearance of the famous volleyball captain named Kirishima. 
Here's the movie poster... and some scenes I captured from the screen haha XD
The casts to me were... AWESOME! (?) I was specifically captivated by the beauty of Mizuki Yamamoto who played as Risa, and... Masahiro Higashide who played as Hiroki!!! My focus was blurred (?) everytime I saw Hiroki on screen.. My God!!! Masahiro-San is sooo sooo sooo handsome that his handsomeness is so... sooo... *dying*. I'm sorry. Hahahaha. But honestly If I saw a handsome, tall, cold-faced guy like this, I always remembered my Husband Prince (?) and missed him even more huhuhuh (HK-JKT LDR now!)
Here's Masahiro-San! OMG I can't... ;_;

Ah, Back to the movie! The movie was funny and rather unique... yet the ending was so open that we were like... "WHAT? We want more!!!!"

Still, we're entertained by this movie and even decided (?) to call the 4 of us "The Kirishima's things" HAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG This Kirishima Gang XD

After the movie time, we took some cute photos, and had a nice dinner in Pepper Lunch!
What we had!

Yeah, so that's it from the day! We had fun, and I wish to go to JFF again next year!
Thank you so much for reading!!! ^__^


  1. OMG Sherry mau piknik apa nonton film snacks nya banyak sekali XD
    Japanese movie itu selalu unik dan asyik ditonton sih, tapi aku sendiri udah lama gak nonton film Japanese selain anime XD
    Hohoho coba JFF nya ada di Blitz Bandung xD

    1. Hahahahaha ini bener2 temanya nge-date with best friends gituuuu XD
      kemarin itu ada yang anime2 jugaa.. ada evangelion dan ada ghibli! Pengen banget nonton itu tapi waktu pemutarannya nggak pas sama jadwal sendiri :(


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