Movie Premier: Negeri Van Oranje with Moeslema, Wardah, and The Actors

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!! ^__^

On Wednesday, Desember 23 2015, I was invited by Wardah (an Indonesian cosmetic brand) and to attend the premier show of a novel-based Indonesian movie: "Negeri Van Oranje" (Orange Land, which refers to the Netherlands). 

This movie starred five young talented actors from Indonesia: Tatjana Saphira, Chico Jerikho, Abimana Aryasatya, Ge Pamungkas, and... ARIFIN PUTRA! OMG should I really write the last name with that capslock? XD ahahahhaha. Yashh! Because besides the fact that I adore his acting (he's known internationally from The Raid 2 and Macabre/Rumah Dara), he's also... My Husband Prince's Celeb Twin Brother XD hahahahah! XD

Yes, ever since I introduced Zeno to anyone as my boyfriend around 6 year ago, people had been saying that he looked like Arifin Putra and vise versa. It's funny how I never thought about that before people started saying that to me. To say that they are twins is actually quite an exaggeration, since they just look like they're related, not like... really similar. However, I found a funny fact that... The date when they were born was actually close from each other. Arifin Putra was born on May 1, 1987 and Zeno was on May 22, 1987. So Arifin is ONLY 21 days older than Zeno. I sometimes threw a joke, like: "You know, they're actually twins! They were born on the same day, but the hospital changed one of the guys' birth date before they're being separated into two different families, to avoid suspicion." HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA XD 

well that's definitely not true, but that's just funny for me! XD and that's why sometimes I refer to Arifin as "Zeno's Twin" or "Zeno's Bro". Well, sometimes I refer to him as "Zeno" himself too LOL. And, yes! That's how people refer to Arifin too when they talk to me. They be like: "Hey Sherry! Turn on the TV! I saw Zeno! (Or Zeno's bro)". Hahahha XD On the photo above, Arifin with that hairstyle is the most times when he and my husband look so related XD

Oh! Back to the premier! Hahaha. So, I was with my friend, Anggun, coming to the venue, XXI Kota Kasablanka. The movie started at 5 and we didn't watch it with the actors, since they were still in the premier in the other venue (they have 2 venues on that day's schedule. The venue where we were was the second one). 
Me with Anggun ^__^ Happy!
The story of the movie was new to me. I hadn't read the book so I was filled with curiosity and didn't have any specific expectations besides the "who will win the girl's heart" question that needed to be answered. Yes, I just knew that there were five main characters in the movie, they were Indonesian students studying in the Netherlands, meeting at the first time in a station and be friends since, and that there would be someone who ended up being in a romantic relationship with her. 

Since... this is not meant to be a movie review, I don't want to talk much about the movie here, especially because I haven't read the book. The book was popular and many people found it really funny, inspiring and informative at once, so I think I would like to read it too, soon! But overall, I think this movie was beautifully made. They highlighted the beauty of Netherlands and Czech Republic (actually Prague) in the entire movie. The plot was mostly a flashback mode, in a form of a story told by the main female character. I somehow felt the movie's story was really short. Of course, only from watching the movie without reading the novel, I could understand the characterization of the four main male characters, but I could not the female's characterization. And I could see they're  so close to each other, but I hadn't really catch what really tied them together to the extent that they could really say love and care in a friendship way to each other and do fluffy group hug XD. I should definitely read the book!!! ^__^

The acting was smooth! Well done, congratulations to the actors XD Well, I was entertained! Arifin's character, Banjar, was not at all like my Husband (I was expecting something that would make me like "OMG OMG OMG Soo soo remind me of him! Hahaha), and in fact his character was really talkative and impulsive! Surprisingly, Abimana's character, Wicak, which turned out became the one who really reminded us (me and my friend, Anggun) of my Husband! So we're like... a bit... in a wrong focus? LOL XD And now I wish I can read the book sooner and write a real, fair review about it ^_^

After the movie, we went to pray Maghrib first, and then... so happy that we found the casts were already there sitting in the lobby with people from media. At first I only saw Tatjana, Abimana, and Ge. So I was like... "Where's Zeno's brother???" Hahahahha. A bit disappointed back then (I'm sorry I didn't look for Mr. Jerikho too, it's fun if he was there too, but this "Zeno's brother" was really that one I wanted to meet so I was like.... Oh no where is heeee? </3 Hahahaha). However I still managed to have fun, because Tatjana, Abimana and Ge were sooo sooo soo cuuute too, and I'd like to take pics with them too! So I was waiting for them to finish with the media interview.... then suddenly Arifin Putra --this Zeno's bro, LOL-- came, walking alone from outside the cinema, and I was like "aakk!!!" Hwahahhahah XD He gracefully (?) joined his team and talking to the media. Hahahaha XD

After the  media coverage, it's photo time!!! Ahhh the lighting was sooo pooor and my camera wasn't so friendly and handy that day so we only took pics with my phone :( Please bear with the photo quality!

Ahahaha XD Too bad that Arifin's now in that hairstyle! But still, my friends said he looked like my husband XD So I took some photos with Arifin, Tatjana, and Abimana. Too bad that Ge was all the time with the media and we couldn't take photos with him at all :( I could say all of them were dashing in their own way! But actually I was amazed that Abimana seemed even more handsome and having strong aura after being this mature and having a family of his own, and all~~~ (I knew him and Arifin since they were very young, but I didn't have any expectation for Abimana, and it turned out he was so charming with his calmness, silence, soft and deep voice while he talked--and everything! Lol). I'm not sure they were still in character or what, but they looked like how they were in the movie XD
I also unintentionally met my friend who I called "Uncle" there, Uncle Hadi (Bottom Left photo), since he is a friends of one of "Negeri Van Oranje" novel writers!

That evening was fun! We got this from Wardah, too. Thanks for the invitation, Wardah and Moeslema ^_^

And. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you had fun reading this!


  1. I've always loved Holland and I'm definitely looking forward to watching the movie.

    P.S: Join my mini giveaway!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Yes please!! It will really please your eyes! And the book also contains info about how to go study there!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. beutifull poto bareng sama pemain film negeri van oranje

    1. Iya Alhamdulillah ^_^ makasih yaaa ^__^

  3. Tatjana cantik banget :')
    Haha, iya bener ya kak Zeno mirip banget Arifin Putra XD
    By the way, I am curious about the novel too. Jarang-jarang ada cerita grup sahabatan lebih banyak cowoknya daripada ceweknya, rata-rata vice versa kan? Banyakan ceweknya daripada cowoknya XD

    1. Iyaaa tatja cantik dan baik jugaaaa aahhhh :')
      Dan emang greget banget lihat arifin itu, dulu jg ak ga kepikiran kesana, temen2 duluan yg bilang gitu hahahahhaha

      Aku baru beli nii bukunyaaa! Mau bacaaaaa XD

  4. Waaaah seneng bgt bisa ketemu pemeran utama semua nya ya sherry.. Sepertinya film nya seru deeh.. Kemarin ngeliat sekilas trailer nya di yutobe hehehehe..
    Btw, sherry kok imut banget sich.. Pingin cubit.. Kamu skrg udah tinggal di indo ya..

    1. Iyaaaa indah kak filmnyaaaaa, cuma memang kayanya perluuuuu baca bukunya biar bisa lebih menghargai filmnyaaa heheh aku ini lagi baca bukunya! Enjoy bangettt ketawa terus XD
      Anyway, kyaaaa makasih kakaaaa XD hehhehehe ❤️❤️❤️ Iya aku lagi stay ajah ni di Jakarta hehehe XD

  5. aku punya buku ini sejak cetakan pertama. pengin nonton film-nya, tapi belom ada waktu. semoga bisa di libur tahun baru, deh. #soksibuk

    anyway, nice to knowyou Sherry! :)

    1. Aku baru banget ni beli bukunyaa! Lagi seru2nya bacaaaa XD Hehehehe. Hope you enjoy the movie, and nice to know you too! ^_^

  6. Wiiiiih wiiiih wiiiih XD aku jadi ikutan excited, berasa ikutan foto sama mereka dan kamu, Cess hahaha

    Kamuuuh mirip deh sm Tatjana, Cess. Kayak kembaran, nah kamu versi hijaber-nya (?) Tatjana gitu. Jadi misalkan Tatjana berhijab (?) mungkin kalian berdua jadi kembar XD Biar ga cuma Zeno aja yg punya kembaran artis (?) hahaha :p

    Aku aku aku juga pengen baca bukunya jadinyaaa ihhh pasti bagus <3

    Arifin putra sama Abimana kan ada main bareng lagi di film Sabtu Bersama Bapak, mudah2an kamu bisa ikut premiere nya lagi terus cerita seru2 lagi hehehe :p

  7. wah seru kayaknya :D jadi pengen nonton juga :D

  8. oh ya ampuuun kamu cantik banget sist
    mirip boneka :)))



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