[REVIEW] Milky Shower with Cowstyle Milky Body Soap

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa, Minna!

Today I'd like to share my experience using a body milk soap from Japan! The product's name is Cowstyle Milky Body Soap. Kawaii Beauty Japan kindly offered me to try this brand from the Japanese company named Cowstyle. Click HERE to know more about Cowstyle ^_^
  You can read the product's claim here: 

   My experience with this product:

I got the blue one, the warmth side's Mild Soap, with Gentle and Tiny Fragrance. When I first tried it, what I thought about the fragrance was: "a soap fragrance". Yes, literally. I mean, of course soaps have different fragrances, but this one smelled like that one mild scent which made you think of the soap you'd known since you're a kid. Yeah, that's it. 

The consistency is runny. Yes, for a "creamy" soap, this is actually considered runny/watery. Probably the creamy definition is more like of creamy milk, instead of creamy soap, because I know other soap brands with real, creamy, thick consistency. 

When I used it to clean my body, the texture felt smooth, soft, and I could still feel the creaminess tho. Somehow I felt like it was "thick" that I wanted to use sponge to make it spread more evenly on my body. I don't know I can't explain it, but I just felt a lot cleaner when I  used sponge.

After shower, I thought my skin felt clean, and.... err, in Indonesian we said it "kesat", something like... when you wash dishes and rinse them carefully, and after that, you feel that no residue of dirt and foam left anymore. Yea, that kind of feeling XD well, I didn't mean to say that my skin suddenly felt like porcelain, okay? Hehe. It's just how I describe the "clean" feeling after using this. Some other soap out there left "slicky" feeling that I didn't like: felt like I could never clean the foam residue no matter how much and long I'd rinsed myself. So it's a good thing that this soap didn't feel like that XD 

My skin felt okay too, after shower, not dry or anything, which means it was indeed moisturizing skin. However I couldn't smell the soap fragrance anymore since it's really mild.

This soap is nice to try, and will be good for those who prefer mild soap (mild fragrance, runny consistency, etc.) As for me, I prefer those with unique and long-lasting fragrance. Probably if it smelled like vanilla milk, it would feel like heaven to me, since the name of this product is Milky Body Soap, so this kinda expectation's acceptable, right? XD 
 My rating:

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