PAJAMA PARTY! Garnier Micellar Water Launching @ Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Indonesia

[DISCLAIMER: This post will be in Indonesian & English, and is written based on my own (fun) experience]

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Kali ini aku lagi mood nulis dalam dwi bahasa nih. Hmmm biar lebih nyampe aja serunya pengalaman aku ke kalian semua!
Jadi, pada tanggal 15 November 2016, Aku diundang ke Restoran On Five di Hotel Grand Hyatt Jakarta, dalam rangka event yang udah lama ditunggu Beauty Enthusiasts di Indonesia, yaitu:

This time I'm feeling like writing in two languages, because sometimes sharing my experience in my own mother tongue is more satisfying! Hehe.
On November 15, 2016, I was invited to On Five Restaurant in Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, for the event which had been long-awaited by Beauty Enthusiasts in Indonesia:


PAJAMA PARTY! Garnier Micellar Water Launching @ Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Indonesia Kawaii Hijabi Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry

It was actually a really fun experience!!! Want to know? Please read more!!! ^__^

[REVIEW] Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream + Concealer (LOOOOVEEE!!!)

DISCLAIMER: My Skin Type is Combination to Oily, and my skin shade is Light Greenish Yellow. This product is sponsored by Clozette ID & TCFS but I only wrote honest review based on my experience. Thanks :) 

Assalaamu alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Today I'll be reviewing the newest beauty product I have, which is, TToo Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream + Concealer. This is also my first TCFS product! I was always a bit curious everytime I passed the TCFS shop in Hong Kong, and I'm happy to know that TCFS is already coming to Indonesia.

This time, Clozette ID gave me a chance (as a Clozette Ambassador) to try this product, and I happily accepted it. So, let's go directly to what I think (so far) about this product~~

Product Name: 
Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream + Concealer
IDR 499.000

[PHOTOSET/ OOTD] Time Turner Travel : Souvenirs From The Future Me (Sponsored Items)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa.

So, a couple of weeks a go, I had a nice travel, using my old and beautiful Time Turner, to the future. I was not sure how much I'd turned the hourglass so I didn't know how long to the future I had gone. But there, I met the "Future Me". She looked exactly like me, but only more mature and wiser-looking. We had a nice and deep talk about dreams and reality, and what I should do in my current time to create a beautiful future.

 And, when it came close to the time for me to finally go back to my current time, the Future Me gave me two souvenirs: 

[PHOTOSET / OOTD] Paparazzi (?) in Wanchai, Hong Kong #StrawZeRry

Hi, Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa.

Here's just our casual photo set from a nice afternoon we spent in Wanchai, Hong Kong, on Eid Adha day 2016 (Sept 12, 2016). No, these were not what we worn on Eid Adha Praying Time. We changed into this after we arrived home from praying, and went to look for some nice Halal lunch / dinner around Wanchai (yes,it's easy to find them around this area). 

Kawaii Hijabi OOTD Hong Kong Wanchai Married Couple Hijab Cute Larme Kei Travel Travelling Muslim Halal

[UNBOXING] Althea Indonesia Korean Beauty Products Online Store 1st Birthday Box! #AltheaTurns1

Assalaamu alaikum Konnichiwa!!!

How are you, Minna
Hope you are all happy, healthy--- genki, dayo ne! :D

Today's post is special, because it's about a special international online store that has been close to my heart (?) for a while now: It's ALTHEA from Korea! Ever since their first launching in Indonesia (link: ), they have always brought smile to my face. Yes, why? Because they introduced themselves to me and took me to very fun Korean beauty shopping experiences including the variety of rare choices and cheaper price!

Today, I'd like to share one of the "Pink Beauty Box"-es (Beauty Box: the term used for the beauty products we bought, especially packed in a cute pink box by Althea and shipped from Korea) that I got from Althea, and it's really special because they sent it to me as a celebration for...


Yes, they celebrated their 1st Birthday on July 20, so they shipped the box to my address in Jakarta, while I happened to spent my Ramadhan and Eid Fitr Holiday in Jakarta with my Husband. However, I hadn't received my Pink Box yet until the time I had to go back to Hong Kong, so I had to leave without bringing the box with me *sad*. Thankfully, my friend visited Hong Kong so I could ask her help to bring my Pink Box with her, so it's here!!!! 

I'm actually a bit sad that, because of this, I couldn't join in the fun celebration of sharing the special Birthday Pink Box with everyone on the D-Day, but hey! Better late than never! Sooo... let's unbox it right now! 


Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Whoaa Whoaa Whoaaa, going back to be so productive on my blog really makes me happy!! Yeppp! today I'm baaack with a new post again! It's my fav kinda post, which is "Inspired Look" posts! Not to mention that this is also Sailor Moon-related! Yes! This is one of them!

And this time, I'll be showing you how I and two friends of mine, Ayya & Anggara (just call her Anggun by the way) created...

 A look inspired by... SAILOR PLUTO! 


But there's a slightly different thing here. I wasn't the model for my own "experiment" this time, instead, it's one of my besties, Ayya, who volunteered herself to become my model. Actually, she is indeed my Sailor Pluto and I'm her Sailor Moon XD So, yeah, I'd always wanted to do this look on her. And thanks to Anggun, also one of my besties, who's SO CREATIVE, to help me with the very low-budget yet accurate handmade accessories for this look!

Now, let's take a look at Sailor Pluto.

She has dark emerald long hair, tanned skin, and ruby red eyes. She's the solitary guardian of time and space. She often appears to be so emotionless and assertive, but in the end, we can see the soft and lonely side of her too.

Okay... let's start the makeup step!!!


- Ayya already has natural tan skin and assertive look on her face, haha. So I didn't do much on her skin, just applying foundation that matches her natural skin tone, and covering some spots with concealer, and then continuing with loose powder.
- I applied some bronzer along her jaws in order to create slimmer face illusion.


- I'm not gonna go into detail this time since this look was made long ago and I forgot all the products we used back then, but I tried to imitate the anime eyes by applying brown eyeshadow on the middle part of her lower waterline and glittery white eyeliner on each corner of the eyes (left and right). For the upper eyelid, I also applied the same brown eyeshadow.
- Luckily I found a contact lense that matched Pluto's eyes. I forgot the name already and it's already expired now so I threw it.
- Black Mascara
- Her eyebrows were so nice, it's easy to follow Pluto's eyebrow shape with just a little help of concealer and eyebrow pencil.


Pluto's lip color sometimes looked like magenta, sometimes purplish pink, sometimes reddish pink,so I went with Magenta. Ayya has such small, narrow lips so it's so easy to create anime lips on her face.

Makeup done... now...


Anggun and I just went doing very little stationary shopping for this. Surprisingly it turned out looking quite good hahaha.


TIARA: Anggun used gold ribbon and magenta carton to make it.

EARRINGS: She also made the earrings out of a magenta carton, but to make them firmer / harder, she used cardboard under the carton paper.


CHOKER: She also used magenta carton, and black ribbon for this.

DONE!!! Now... let's see the result!!!!




She's so beautiful, right???
 Ayya worn a blazer with wide collar to imitate the Sailor Uniform.

 She also worn an emerald satin scarf since Pluto's hair is in emerald color too. 


Anggun and I were so happy to see the result on her!!! It's funny that it was actually just a sudden plan but we really made it satisfyingly!! XD


Today is AYYA (yes the Pluto girl here) 's BIRTHDAY!!!!
Please wish her long live and happiness, health, and success in live and hereafter! Aaaamiinn!!
Thank you so much for your kindness if you really do the prayer with me now!!

And, I hope you like this post and the result of our teamwork!! 
See you on my next post! 
Jaa ne~

[REVIEW!] Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge!!


Yes! That's how I say it when I want to transform into anything with my Hensoupen / Disguise Pen!

Sheemasherry Sheema Sherry Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge Sailor Moon Creer Beaute Crystal Moonlight Memories

Assalamualaikum Konnichiwa, Minna! Today's post will be a fun post about one of my Sailor Moon official cosmetic line (Miracle Romance) collection made by Creer Beaute! 

This would be the first one to be reviewed from all my collection, because... honestly, I never had HEART to USE all those Kawaii Products 。・゚゚・(>Π΄<)・゚゚・。

But ever since I got THAT product above, which arrived in HK (from Japan) last May 2016, I decided to finally start using them.... well at least for review purpose? Since I got powder, blusher, black, white, and colorful liquid eyeliner, as well as pencil liner. What a waste if I just keep them and looking at how cuuuute they are without ever trying them and talking about the quality of the packaging and beauty products on my blog until their expiry date. Agree? 

So, let's staaaarttt!!!!!!!! 

[TUTORIAL] The Pink Aura (#GlowingEidMakeup Collaboration)

Hi Minna! Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!! \(´▽`)/ 

How are you all? And how about my muslim friends, is your ramadhan being great so far? Κ• ˙α΄₯˙ Κ” 

Ahhh... it's amazing how fast the time flies!! We're counting down to Eid Fitr day only with one hand now!! So sad but happy but sad... (′︿‵。) I hope my good deeds during this month are accepted fully and I can become a better person after this! The same goes to you too!

Anyway, what's your plan for Eid? Κ•´•α΄₯•`Κ” Some of you might have bought new clothes for the Eid day, deshou?! Hehe admit it! (〜^∇^)〜

Although I'm not that kind of person who always buy new clothes for the big Eid day, I understand that it's natural if we want to look good and proper for the holy big day, especially when we will meet many family members, friends, and relatives. Therefore after preparing our proper clothes (and new, cleaner, heart of course!) we might want to look fresher by dolling up with some cute makeup! Do you think so?

That's why, here I'm back with another Makeup Collaboration with my Beauty Blogger Friends, under the theme....

❤️ G L O W I N G   E I D   M A K E U P ❤️

especially to be shared with you!! I hope we can inspire / give you more ideas to look fresh, dashing, and radiant on the Big Eid day! Aameen (´▽`ΚƒΖͺ). So here's the sneak peek for this collaboration!

curious??? (︶Ο‰︶) read more, okay? 

Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-Up Store 2nd Visit (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 2016)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

I'm back with my Sailor-Moon-related post! From this title, you who read my blog from long ago probably remember that one year ago I've posted a similar post. Yes! It's a post about when I first visited Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-up store in Causeway Bay, HK last year. Now I'm here with the post from my second visit!

TMDJ is a HK brand that started on 2015, and their first collection is in collaboration with Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi & Toei Animation). After arriving in HK again this year, I heard from my Senpai of Indonesian Sailor Moon Community, that the pop-up store opened again, this time in Miramar, Tsim Sha Tsui. So, Zeno and I immediately went there on May 5, 2016. 

The store's front look and deco
Thankfully we made it that evening, because that was the last week, and after that week, the store won't be there again, said the storekeeper who was not sure either if the store's gonna open again someday, somewhere else (this was confusing us, honestly).

Okay, let's just start checking the items! 

Back Again to Hong Kong ❤️ (LDR Marriage, and Life Changes)

Hi, Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa.

Hisashiburi, desu ne? Yeah... it's been about a month since the last time I posted something on this blog. I've been missing writing so much, but for one reason or two, or three, or four..... I hadn't written anything, till today.

One of the reasons was, I was busy preparing my things to go back to Hong Kong. And here I am now, in HK, lying on the bed I share with my Husband Prince, Zenki-San, in our apartment. 

During the 9 months of living back in Jakarta (Indonesia) after almost 2 years staying in HK, many people asked me things like "Hey Sherry, will you go back again to HK? if yes, when?" And I almost always answered "I'm sorry... I'm not sure either...". Now that I'm in HK already, I answered the same to people who asked whether I'd go back to Jakarta anytime sooner.

Honestly, it's also a question that Zenki-San and I keep asking ourselves. Will we? When? Where? hhhhh. 

Pernah Dengar 'Mukka Kosmetik' ? Ini Review-nya! (Full-Face Makeup)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Minna, terima kasih sudah klik link ke blog post terbaru ku! :D Hehehe.

Sherry balik lagi nih dengan post berbahasa Indonesia, karena kali ini Sherry akan mereview kosmetik merk lokal, tapi buatan luar, yang mungkin kalian belum pernah dengar, atau mungkin juga sudah. Kalau Sherry sendiri sejujurnya, saat ditawarkan oleh brand-nya untuk me-review produk ini, baru tahu ada kosmetik merk ini, hehe. Nah, langsung saja ya kita masuk ke penjelasan produknya! 


Yup! Itu namanya! Jadi, kosmetik ini adalah merk Indonesia, tapi dibuat di Cina, dan sudah lulus BPOM ya, jadi Insya Allah aman. Klaim-nya sih No Rhodamine, No Mercury, No Hydroquinon. Mukka ini sebenarnya sudah lama ada loh, sejak tahun 2003, tapi selama ini beredarnya hanya di pasar-pasar atau toko-toko kosmetik biasa saja. Kalau sekarang, Mukka sudah tersedia di modern market yang sudah umum diketahui dan mudah dijangkau, seperti AEON, Carrefour, 7Eleven, Boston, Ramayana, Yogya, dan Idolmart.

Aku dapat lumayan banyak produk loh, cukup untuk bikin full-face makeup, seperti di bawah ini~~

Haha~ Masih sneakpeek ya XD  Makanya lanjut terus yah bacanya, untuk tahu lebih lanjut tentang Mukka! ^__^

[REVIEW] Luxy Body Scrub - Sweet Berry (Homemade by @Amethyst.ID)

(This post is written in Indonesian. Feel free to use the Google Translate feature on my sidebar! The translation for this post somehow grammatically understandable :D Thanks!)

Assalamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

Hari ini aku mau berbagi pengalamanku menggunakan home-made body scrub yang disponsori oleh Amethyst.ID (@amethyst_id di instagram). 

Amethyst.ID adalah merk produksi rumahan dari Indonesia yang menjual perawatan kecantikan buatan sendiri! Koleksi mereka bervariasi dari masker wajah, lip scrub, beberapa minyak alami yang bermanfaat, dan lain-lain. Semua produknya tampil dalam cute packaging, aroma yang menyenangkan, dan tentu saja, kualitas yang baik! ^__^ Aku sudah lama tahu tentang produk-produk Amethyst.ID, dan memang sudah lama juga mau mencoba!

Body scrub ini adalah anggota baru dalam koleksi perawatan kecantikan dari Amethyst.ID. Aku excited banget untuk mencoba scrub ini sejak pertama kali lihat, dan senang juga karena diminta menjadi salah satu yang pertama mencoba dan mereview!  Okay, so now let's proceed to my review~

'The Innocent Red' : (No Pink For Dating - Makeup Collab)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa! 

Sherry's back agaaaiin with a new makeup collaboration post! This time with my fellow Indonesian Beauty Bloggers again! When I was invited to join the collab, I was excited because the theme of the collab was kinda interesting: "No Pink For Dating". Ahahaha, probably since it's February, many people have seen too much pink everywhere, so the idea of going everywhere (especially) on a date with pink outfit and makeup was also very common. That's why, this time we decided to show that we could go on a date without pink color, yet still look as special as wearing pink (or even more? Hehe)

So here's the banner for this collab, and above are... us! Could you tell which one I am (?) Hehehe  :P
Yup, It was me in a floral cat headband, and green outfit :3


I named this look: "The Innocent Red"! I chose Red as the alternative color for this collab, but instead of creating a bold, sexy look with Red, I wanted to [try to] show that a girl could still looking innocent with this strong color XD

This look was inspired by Cult Party Kei makeup, one of the Japanese fashion styles/subcultures. Girls who are rocking this style are often seen wearing heavy red blush from under their eyes down to their cheeks, red lipstick and eye makeup + karakon (circle lenses) that create round, big eye effect. They say it's the mix of dolly and vintage makeup. I also just filled my eyebrows with brown pencil, making them look very natural. This whole makeup look might be a bit uncommon to pull, especially in Indonesia or for Indonesian people, but I honestly find it kawaii, and it kinda gives an innocent vibe, not to mention that it looks so good on camera! This Cult Party makeup looks similar to Byojaku makeup (sickly makeup) and Igari makeup (Hangover makeup), but I think Cult Party Kei Makeup has bolder/stronger red blush than the two. It's funny and interesting how Japanese create beauty trends inspired by sickly or hangover look, actually hahahahah XD 

What I tried to tell myself while applying this makeup was, that the emphasis/focus should be on the cheeks, of course. That's why I just put very simple makeup to my eyes, and red cherry lip tint that I applied only in the inner part or my lips to match the color on my cheeks but didn't standout or steal the attention.

Here's how I did it!

With this red cheek makeup, I wanted my eyes to have just a simple makeup, because with the addition of exquisite eye makeup, I would look like... well, that traditional Chinese theatrical actor/actress performing "Sampek Engtay"! hahahahahha you know what I'm talking about? XD But with these red cheeks and no eye makeup at all, I would look pale or sick, or like a kid who had a terrible day and cried a lot the whole night... or worse, had just become a victim of horrible punches on the face. So, a simple eye makeup is necessary! Oh, My karakon is Geo Super Angel Brown ^_^

Meow :* Heheheh XD This Floral Cat Headband was from @debiscollections on instagram ^_^

Actually I really wore this makeup to go on a date with my Husband, Zeno (who had one week holidays from his office in Hong Kong and went back to Jakarta). It was a very casual dating, just walking around, having dinner, and then visiting a book store.

You can see from pics below, that red makeup could also be worn for casual events, and could also bring cute and innocent aura (?) instead of glam, sexy, or bold XD

My Husband, Zeno ( ^_^

Full OOTD! Youthful floral x cat look XD

What do you think? I hope you like it, and please let me know if you think this makeup will suit you too and you'll feel good and confident while rocking it!!!


Thanks for reading!!

Jaa ne!!