'The Innocent Red' : (No Pink For Dating - Makeup Collab)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa! 

Sherry's back agaaaiin with a new makeup collaboration post! This time with my fellow Indonesian Beauty Bloggers again! When I was invited to join the collab, I was excited because the theme of the collab was kinda interesting: "No Pink For Dating". Ahahaha, probably since it's February, many people have seen too much pink everywhere, so the idea of going everywhere (especially) on a date with pink outfit and makeup was also very common. That's why, this time we decided to show that we could go on a date without pink color, yet still look as special as wearing pink (or even more? Hehe)

So here's the banner for this collab, and above are... us! Could you tell which one I am (?) Hehehe  :P
Yup, It was me in a floral cat headband, and green outfit :3


I named this look: "The Innocent Red"! I chose Red as the alternative color for this collab, but instead of creating a bold, sexy look with Red, I wanted to [try to] show that a girl could still looking innocent with this strong color XD

This look was inspired by Cult Party Kei makeup, one of the Japanese fashion styles/subcultures. Girls who are rocking this style are often seen wearing heavy red blush from under their eyes down to their cheeks, red lipstick and eye makeup + karakon (circle lenses) that create round, big eye effect. They say it's the mix of dolly and vintage makeup. I also just filled my eyebrows with brown pencil, making them look very natural. This whole makeup look might be a bit uncommon to pull, especially in Indonesia or for Indonesian people, but I honestly find it kawaii, and it kinda gives an innocent vibe, not to mention that it looks so good on camera! This Cult Party makeup looks similar to Byojaku makeup (sickly makeup) and Igari makeup (Hangover makeup), but I think Cult Party Kei Makeup has bolder/stronger red blush than the two. It's funny and interesting how Japanese create beauty trends inspired by sickly or hangover look, actually hahahahah XD 

What I tried to tell myself while applying this makeup was, that the emphasis/focus should be on the cheeks, of course. That's why I just put very simple makeup to my eyes, and red cherry lip tint that I applied only in the inner part or my lips to match the color on my cheeks but didn't standout or steal the attention.

Here's how I did it!

With this red cheek makeup, I wanted my eyes to have just a simple makeup, because with the addition of exquisite eye makeup, I would look like... well, that traditional Chinese theatrical actor/actress performing "Sampek Engtay"! hahahahahha you know what I'm talking about? XD But with these red cheeks and no eye makeup at all, I would look pale or sick, or like a kid who had a terrible day and cried a lot the whole night... or worse, had just become a victim of horrible punches on the face. So, a simple eye makeup is necessary! Oh, My karakon is Geo Super Angel Brown ^_^

Meow :* Heheheh XD This Floral Cat Headband was from @debiscollections on instagram ^_^

Actually I really wore this makeup to go on a date with my Husband, Zeno (who had one week holidays from his office in Hong Kong and went back to Jakarta). It was a very casual dating, just walking around, having dinner, and then visiting a book store.

You can see from pics below, that red makeup could also be worn for casual events, and could also bring cute and innocent aura (?) instead of glam, sexy, or bold XD

My Husband, Zeno (www.zenkih.com) ^_^

Full OOTD! Youthful floral x cat look XD

What do you think? I hope you like it, and please let me know if you think this makeup will suit you too and you'll feel good and confident while rocking it!!!


Thanks for reading!!

Jaa ne!!