[Inspired Look] How To: Elizabeth Midford from Kuroshitsuji (The Black Butler) Makeup

Assalaamu Alaikum Minna, Konnichiwa!

 Today I'm back with an Inspired Look post again! Today's look inspiration is......

Yes! Elizabeth Midford from Kuroshitsuji (The Black Butler)! Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford is the fiancΓ©e of Ciel Phantomhive

"She is a strong-willed and cheerful individual with a fondness for anything cute. she is someone who moves "to her own rhythm." She is "stubbornly fixed" on her hobbies. She is also fastidious about her clothes and shoes, and tends to impose her sense of fashion and preferences upon others, while doggedly refusing to take no for an answer. When disagreed with, Elizabeth is prone to temper tantrums and bouts of self-centeredness. However, on the occasions that she upsets someone, she feels horrible and may even cry over her mistake." (quoted freely from Kuroshitsuji Wiki)

I was thinking about a character that I would choose as an inspiration for a makeup look. And one day a friend on Instagram told me that whenever she saw me, she's reminded of Elizabeth "Liz" Midford. LOL I had no idea about what she meant, actually, but yes, it gave me an idea of whose look to create! And then I decided it would be fun to create a look inspired by Liz. 

 Well, we can see here that her image is royal, cute, and sweet. Well, definitely what I like, actually! A gracefully bubbly Princess image XD
 Look at how cute she is ^_^

 So... let's start!!!


When creating an inspired look, I definitely went for how I thought it looked like. If the skin was yellow I tried to make my skin look yellow, if I saw pink or orange blush on the face, I would wear the same too. So was with this one. Liz's skin is just pale pinkish-white, no shade of other colors, so I went that way too!

Before everything... I moisturized! Yes, makeup will look nice on a well-moisturized face.

1. I applied a makeup base/primer. In here I used Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV SPF 35 in "Ivory" (Review HERE)

2. After that, I applied Pixy BB Cream in "Cream". That base and this BB Cream blended really well to create a smooth, pinkish facial skin.

3. To finish the layer, I used Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder. That would create a matte finish as well as oil control.

That's it for the face! I tried to make my skin as uni-color as possible.  pic below~


Liz had bright green eyes, so I wore green Karakon, it's "More Twins Green". Unfortunately, it's not too bright in dim light, so I had to digitally brighten them.
1. Liz has blonde hair thus her eyebrows are also blonde. I decided to create natural looking eyebrows following my natural brow shape (instead of thin, one-line brows like Liz's) using my lightest brown brow pencil. It's Dolly Wink Honey Brown Eyebrow Pencil.

2. After that I put peach color to my eyelids (well I couldn't really see any color on Liz's eyelids but I thought peach would be cute for her look so i just went for it). I used a blush product for this as I didn't have any peach eyeshadow, it's Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 02.

3. I drew a moderate (not too thin nor too thick) black line to my eyelids, made it a bit longer than my actual eyelid length, but didn't winged them at the end. I also drew a black line under my lower waterline (this was to create an eyelook that's similar to Liz's anime eyes, can see the pic below). My black liner is from Dolly Wink.

4. I applied thick amount of mascara to both my upper and lower lashes (sorry they went clumpy eventually). I swapped the mascara brush outwards to imitate the shape and direction (?) of Liz's lashes. Well, you could see later that the attempt was worth it hahahaha XD My Mascara is Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume (Black).

And... eyes, done!!!!! (See pic below~)


Well, Liz's lips are just those thin lines, so, 

1. I covered my lips with concealer, Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer (Light Medium). This concealer is really good, it's actually for facial skin but it covered my lips very well without making it look dry and flaky.

2. I put some gloss to inner part of my lips using Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in OR 303 (it's so natural and gave almost no color at all)

3. Then I topped it with Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips PK017 (warm pink) only in the inner part of my lips, making the illusion of very thin, small lips.

And, Lips Done! (see pic below~)

OHHH WE'RE DOOONE!!!!!! ^_____^

So this was the full look! Well I currently don't have a royal gown like Liz's gown (also her costume), so I just picked this pink coat dress that, I thought, looked somewhat Royal too XD Hahahaha~
The headpiece is from @leliyana_collections on instagram! It's sooo pretty and really boosted the royal look, right???!
Further camera angle~ Pink and yellow combination is so pretty, you agree???
Do you like this look? Small lips ^__^
I love my pink rose headpiece too <3


How is it??? How is it???? Do I... nail the look, somehow??? XD I'm sorry if it didn't really look good / neat. I hope I'l be better in makeup as the time goes by!
What do you think? Please let me know!!!

I hope this post is useful and interesting for you!
Thanks for reading!!

Jaa ne! ^___^


  1. Cute banget :*


  2. Tbh, I hate hijab cosplay. But I never hate an anime inspired fashion like this. Sounds like double standard right? Anyway, keep up your good work. You are very creative and kawaii 😍 heeheeh

  3. So cute... I love black butler. Tapi paling suka sama sebastian sih.


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