Back Again to Hong Kong ❤️ (LDR Marriage, and Life Changes)

Hi, Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa.

Hisashiburi, desu ne? Yeah... it's been about a month since the last time I posted something on this blog. I've been missing writing so much, but for one reason or two, or three, or four..... I hadn't written anything, till today.

One of the reasons was, I was busy preparing my things to go back to Hong Kong. And here I am now, in HK, lying on the bed I share with my Husband Prince, Zenki-San, in our apartment. 

During the 9 months of living back in Jakarta (Indonesia) after almost 2 years staying in HK, many people asked me things like "Hey Sherry, will you go back again to HK? if yes, when?" And I almost always answered "I'm sorry... I'm not sure either...". Now that I'm in HK already, I answered the same to people who asked whether I'd go back to Jakarta anytime sooner.

Honestly, it's also a question that Zenki-San and I keep asking ourselves. Will we? When? Where? hhhhh. 

We actually wish for a more settled life in one place only, and that one place we wish is of course, our own Country, where we actually have bought our own house, alhamdulillah. However, life doesn't always go the way we plan and wish, right?

We are still looking for the best ways to build a better tomorrow for both of us and our future children (if we have, insha Allah), and it's seriously like walking hand-in-hand just both of us through a foggy path. We kinda see pictures of what's forward, but still... everything seems kinda blurred for now.

We're still struggling to find a win-win solution for at least several years from now, and we're not sure whether what we've predicted will actually come out just the way we think about (and wait). 

You might wonder what things that actually "the matters" here. Well, actually, when you're married, you think about not just one person but two (and later more persons if you have children). Like, even planning for one person's own life is already difficult, and now you plan for two. The plan should work fine for both of you, and even if eventually one has to "sacrifice", it should not be to the extent that this one person feel depressed from this choice of life. That's what we are working with :)

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One of my besties, Anggun, was the one who accompanied me to fly to HK again on April 22, 2016. She only stayed 5 days here, but we spent one of the best 5 days in our life together (Me, Zenki-San, and her). 

Zenki-San and I are great team-mates for each other. We support each others' wishes, desires, and plans. However, some of these, kinda.... make us have to choose whether we have to live separately (like, I mean, live in different countries, just like what we've been through these past 9 months) or not. 

Of course, we've tried to live separately after married, like these past 9 months, right? Since August 4 2015 until April 22 2016. We've tried and we've done it really well. Hmm... I can say, quite successfully. We're still as close as ever no matter how far, and even moooooore intimate than before as our relationship/marriage goes day by day (well, don't talk about LDR with us, we are ultimate LDR fighters. 4 years relationship before marriage, different cities, then different countries, haha). Of course, after marriage, LDR felt tougher, because, we felt like, "culturally, socially, and religiously", we had aaallll the right to live together in one house, one room, one bed, yet we didn't take that chance (haha), compared to those times before marriage, when we admitted that even if we lived in the same area, we were not really (culturally, socially, and religiously--in our case) allowed to spend time too often just both of us and stttttiiiiiiiiccckkkk together. Both of us understood that norm, so we kinda accepted the situation. 

First time trying Eggette, one of HK's most famous street snack! Haha XD

However, no matter how strong we were in this field (*cheers*), of course it just didn't feel right to live separately from each other. No, it's not because it's "socially not right". We didn't really care what other people say though, something like "OMG it's not morally good, "pamali" to leave your husband like that!" or "Why does he leave you so far away?" (this is kinda lol, people who asked me this mostly knew nothing about us), or "are you sure your husband is strong enough to 'cope' with the loneliness?" oh come on -____- . Really, we just smiled at those comments, because we knew better about the real case, about our partner, our own life. 

So, the real matters solely come from our own hearts and brains, not from the pushes from outside. But it's not just purely about "Boohoohoo~~ I can't stand living so far away from youuuu~~ boohoohoo~~ I miss youuu booohooohoooo", nah, not just that. It's also about husband-wife things, family things, that of course would be held / handled waaaayyyy better if we both stay in one place together (of course the "boohooohooo" part existed as well. It's normal to miss your love, right?).

The thing is, we wish that the "one place" is Indonesia, because for us it's better to stay in our own home and really settle. Besides, there, is where our beloved family and best friends are. But currently, Zenki-San can't just simply leave HK for Jakarta, for some reasons that I myself understand too.

Being quite unsure about where to live tomorrow, how to plan everything in which place, and who and which things to "sacrifice without hurting too much", I understand that I should be an even  more positive and strong-minded woman. I should always be ready for changes, and should always have list of plans to do, depending on where I currently am.

Be like roses, and share love, wherever you are.

I am a blogger (since a loooong time ago but have just been actively posting since 2014), and in Jakarta during the last  9 months (August 2015 - April 2016), I had chances to meet my amazing blogger fellows, attending many blogger events, accepting projects from brands, etc. It was a happy time, and Zeno also said that it's really good for me if I could meet and create many relations and connections with more and more people of the same activity, and with those potential people who would work/do business with me. In HK, I know no one (of this field) and it's not like I wish to be widely known here or engage with people here too, so now, I'm back to be an independent blogger again, hahahaha. 
Me with my blogger fellows

Wait, I've always been an independent blogger, of course! But back then in Jakarta, I could at least meet my blogger fellows once or twice a month and worked on projects together. And now, yeah... I have to reply to emails from brands / agencies, saying sorry that I can't attend the events nor accept products for a while, etc etc, and of course, plan my own blog posts for the coming days by myself, freely from client-related stuff.

I'm actually excited about it, though! It's seriously not a bad thing. After trying to engage with brands, I really understand that the more personalised posts are what I love doing the most, and now I plan to post more interesting stuff, and sharpen my blog focus even more. I hope I can do it right, I hope the messages in my head and heart will reach you through my coming blog posts.

About whether I feel alone when I'm here in HK.... Nope. I mean, Indonesia is wonderful, full of chances, full of nice cheap shopping, and I have my Mum, my Super Best Friends, and also my Cats. But here too, I have my Husband Prince. I'm not the type of hanging-out-with-friends-to-places person. I'm more of a stay-at-home one, so I don't mind just doing my things at home while Zenki-San's not around, and then going out to places while he's available. As for my friends, I have the BESTESTTTTT ones on earth, who'll always try to make me feel that they exist around me *using technology* no matter how far we are. So.... yeah, I never feel alone. I always video call my mum too. The one thing that made me kinda super sad is that I can't really use technology to communicate with my cats. I mean I can see their photos or videos, but you know cats, right.... they won't give me any damn if I'm not around giving them treats and playing and caressing them. Huhuhuhu. I always miss those selfish fluffy animals so bad while I'm here ;___;  

And what I like about Hong Kong is, it has Disney Land! We just renewed our Magic Access (One Year Pass) Membership into the Gold 10th Anniversary Edition, which means we can go there almost every day in 1 year. It's BRILLIANT! I also like HK because I can get many Sailor Moon stuff easily here, and also other fluffy characters like Totoro and the Ghibli group, Sanrio group, etc. Many cool places like my Fav Cat Cafe, and very good transportation too. Well, basically, of course there are things that make me happy staying here besides the existence of my Husband Prince. However, all the beauty things in the world without him will feel kind of empty to me.

#justmythought πŸ˜ŠπŸ’– I'm going to go there again, Insha Allah, Very Soon. (Actually next week). I was always always always so happy when I was there. Going to this place can cost a lot of money... but that DOESN'T mean you can buy happiness. YOU CAN'T. I have long realised that what made me happy was not the place itself, but the one I was always with when I was there. My Husband Prince. If I were a very rich person and could have my own Magical Park like this but no one with me.... It would mean nothing to me. Nothing at all. Beautiful places are only decorations. It's the moments I made with the most beloved ones around the beautiful decorations (or anywhere) that I cherish. Yeah, actually, anywhere as long as I'm with my LOVE, I'm happy. This place just happens to be one of my fav places to be together with my LOVE. But without him there, that could mean nothing.
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What I'm worried about is actually about my own health. I wish I don't have to get sick or anything anymore here. Or trapped (?) in the cases where we need to waste so much money. Not to mention that Hong Kong is ranked the 2nd most expensive city in the world -__- Maybe you can read my experience , H E R E ! 

Hmmm... I think that's it that I want to share for now.
Thanks SO MUCH if you actually read what I wrote this much, this far. Hontouni Arigatou Gozaimasu.....

Love, Sherry.

ps: Insha Allah Zeno and I will go to Indonesia this year, still not sure when, and also not sure yet whether I'll go back here again with him after that. 


  1. I actually read that far.. And I like this post!
    Of course Indonesia is way more cheaper than HK.. And if you want a cat why you don't just adopt one in apartment? Does the apartment's law forbid it?
    And reading this.. I don't know what to do to help you but hoping and praying that you both can achieve your dreams and reach your life goals! <3

    1. thank you so much! such a good reader / blogger friend you are! ❤️

      hahahah my relationship with my cats are deeper than that you know! It's not just "another cat" that I want to fulfill my desires (?), but it's because I love those babies too much that nothing can really replace them and it's painful to be apart from them :')

      as for my apartment, it doesnt forbid, but I dont think my selfishness of wanting to be with my cats and bring them wherever I go is the best thing to do for them. It will just make them feel depressed. Cats doesnt like moving and stuff, not to mention that they will be quarantined for weeks and weeks and it can be traumatizing for them haha.

      and... Thank you so much, your prayers are all we need, darling! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Semangat Sherry! Semoga cepet bisa settle di Indonesia ya terua kita bs serung ketemu lagi di event hihi, enjoy your days with your prince^^

    1. makasih ipuutt sayaaaang ❤️❤️❤️ insya Allah yah nantiiii kita bisa berkarier (?) bersama lg disana, eventually ❤️❤️❤️

  3. You're one of the strongest and kind-hearted women out there. Honestly, I feel so proud to see you've done and accomplished many things in the 8 months period <3 I believe you and your husband can tackle all the challenges in the future!! Whether in ID or HK, as long as you both are healthy and happy, in shaa Allah every other things will goes on well. Ahh, ganbatte! Life is full of challenges and surprises but there's always beauty in it. Barakallahu feeki kak, may Allah always shower you and your family with His blessings.

    1. SARAAAAAHHHH HUHUHU YOU ARE TOO KIND! your comment really brightened my day and it pushed me even more to try to be a better person! Insha Allah we'll keep ourselves happy and healthy, and insha Allah we'll learn many beautiful things from life through this. Thank you so much!!! barakallah feeki aydhan my dear!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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