Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-Up Store 2nd Visit (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 2016)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!

I'm back with my Sailor-Moon-related post! From this title, you who read my blog from long ago probably remember that one year ago I've posted a similar post. Yes! It's a post about when I first visited Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop-up store in Causeway Bay, HK last year. Now I'm here with the post from my second visit!

TMDJ is a HK brand that started on 2015, and their first collection is in collaboration with Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi & Toei Animation). After arriving in HK again this year, I heard from my Senpai of Indonesian Sailor Moon Community, that the pop-up store opened again, this time in Miramar, Tsim Sha Tsui. So, Zeno and I immediately went there on May 5, 2016. 

The store's front look and deco
Thankfully we made it that evening, because that was the last week, and after that week, the store won't be there again, said the storekeeper who was not sure either if the store's gonna open again someday, somewhere else (this was confusing us, honestly).

Okay, let's just start checking the items! 

Most of them were last year's items, but I saw some new ones too. Different from last year's post where I only took pics of the not-for-sale Sailor Moon collection and displays (since some of the items were not available / pre-order goods), now I took pics of almost all the items available-for-sale there. 

Some bags and backpacks with Sailor Moon-related motives and brooch-like deco 

small bags and pillow plushies~

caps, t-shirts, socks, and stationary~

I didn't dress up or anything to go here unlike last year, because I had imagined that the shop was quieter, not like the first time it's opened. Besides, we just planned to look around and bought some stuff if there's something that caught our eyes, haha. 

My fav spot, where they displayed dresses and jackets. OMG! Also, a human-sized SM pillow.

This dress pretty much caught my attention. I wanted this, but Zeno said the low-cut inner fabric of the dress would make it difficult for me to cover my skin around my chest and neck. But now... I think if I have bought it I could somehow manage to wear it and still cover my skin without worries. *regrets*

fit me perfectly, eh? ;__;

And... look at these jewelries!! They are so beautiful... but... quite shocking. The price of the ring I wore (not the minnie mouse one okay? hehe) was... approximately 1427 HKD, which means 2.5 million IDR O_o The material is not anything like silver, palladium etc. The shopkeeper also said many people thought it's way too overpriced! Well O_o

This small bag caught my attention too, it has Chibusa's brooch so it's really cute. But it's too thin that I wonder if I could only put my phone and card, and maybe some money and lipstick. I need a more spacey one.
very cuuuute slippers ;___;

Soooo... after seeing them yourself, is/are there any item/items that caught your attention, that you'd possibly buy if you're here??? Which one? And can you guess if I bought something, and which one? 

Hahaha, not gonna make it long, here are the stuff that I bought from the store ^_^

Aren't theeeese sooooo cuuuute? ;___; The blazer has prints of items from my fav arc a.k.a season 3 a.k.a what's currently airing now (Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3), while the bag is in Crystal Star Compact form, matches my current Iphone case. I'm soo soo soo in love with these two!! My husband also suggested me to pick these two because they look so beautiful, they shout "SAILOR MOON!" so loud without being cheesy.

As for the price, most of them are quite expensive, but it's even already been cut from last year. In the last year's price list, my blazer was price-tagged 699 HKD / 1.2 Million IDR (but the item was a pre-order stuff so I didn't see the real thing), and now I got it 350 HKD / 600,000 IDR. While my bag is the new stuff that I didn't see in the catalogue last year, the "previous" pricetag was there in the plastic wrap. It said 330 HKD / 565,000 IDR, and the "new" pricetag said 269 HKD / 460,000 IDR. 

The quality of the jacket is... VERY GOOD. The fabric, the cutting, the prints, all are perfect to me. The bag... it's not the strongest bag I've ever seen LOL, in fact it feels vulnerable, like, it's made of soft fabric and foam, that I'm afraid I will tear it apart. However, the design is really beautiful, and the embroidery is also well-done. I was just kinda disappointed at how cheap and of-course vulnerable the chain is. It looks exactly like the chain used for some phone cases. Zeno said we could try to look for a better chain and change it. 

In general, the items here are expensive... probably because of the license. Yes, they're kind of "Toei-approved" items so... yeah what do you expect? *Money flies*. So, even though TMDJ is HK brand, it has no copyright issue whatsoever. 

I think that's it from this post!!! If you like my Sailor Moon related posts, please anticipate since I'll write more Sailor Moon related posts in the future insha Allah ^_^

Thanks for reading! Mata Ne~


  1. Akh.. so cute in everywhere. Sherry super kawaii as usual. Ga sabar liat kamu ootdan pakai jacket n tasnya. Semoga suatu hari aku juga bisa kesana. Hehe. Have fun ya Sherry di HK!

    1. Probably will wear it on my Birthday! πŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ˜»πŸ’• Thank you cece akuuu ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wonderful! I love Sailor Moon and you're so cute with those clothes!


  3. OMG Sherryyy!!! Aku iri banget pengen ke sanaaa!! Di Indonesia gak ada store yang display Sailor Moon goods kaya begini kan, rasanya pasti natsukashii banget yaa begitu masuk ke sana with Sailor Moon everywhere T_T I LOVE SAILOR MOON!

    1. Hahahaha ini cuma temporary juga sih ceee tapi emang perlu admit kalo disini itu dapetin apa2 yang sailor moon gampaaang banget❤️❤️❤️

  4. OMG !!!! surganyaaa anime sailormoon. terakhir kali punya tas sailormoon waktu SD !

    semogaaa bisa kesana dan boroong semuanya. lucuuu banget apalagi bantal bantal yaaa


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