[TUTORIAL] The Pink Aura (#GlowingEidMakeup Collaboration)

Hi Minna! Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!! \(´▽`)/ 

How are you all? And how about my muslim friends, is your ramadhan being great so far? Κ• ˙α΄₯˙ Κ” 

Ahhh... it's amazing how fast the time flies!! We're counting down to Eid Fitr day only with one hand now!! So sad but happy but sad... (′︿‵。) I hope my good deeds during this month are accepted fully and I can become a better person after this! The same goes to you too!

Anyway, what's your plan for Eid? Κ•´•α΄₯•`Κ” Some of you might have bought new clothes for the Eid day, deshou?! Hehe admit it! (〜^∇^)〜

Although I'm not that kind of person who always buy new clothes for the big Eid day, I understand that it's natural if we want to look good and proper for the holy big day, especially when we will meet many family members, friends, and relatives. Therefore after preparing our proper clothes (and new, cleaner, heart of course!) we might want to look fresher by dolling up with some cute makeup! Do you think so?

That's why, here I'm back with another Makeup Collaboration with my Beauty Blogger Friends, under the theme....

❤️ G L O W I N G   E I D   M A K E U P ❤️

especially to be shared with you!! I hope we can inspire / give you more ideas to look fresh, dashing, and radiant on the Big Eid day! Aameen (´▽`ΚƒΖͺ). So here's the sneak peek for this collaboration!

curious??? (︶Ο‰︶) read more, okay?