[TUTORIAL] The Pink Aura (#GlowingEidMakeup Collaboration)

Hi Minna! Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa!!! \(´▽`)/ 

How are you all? And how about my muslim friends, is your ramadhan being great so far? Κ• ˙α΄₯˙ Κ” 

Ahhh... it's amazing how fast the time flies!! We're counting down to Eid Fitr day only with one hand now!! So sad but happy but sad... (′︿‵。) I hope my good deeds during this month are accepted fully and I can become a better person after this! The same goes to you too!

Anyway, what's your plan for Eid? Κ•´•α΄₯•`Κ” Some of you might have bought new clothes for the Eid day, deshou?! Hehe admit it! (〜^∇^)〜

Although I'm not that kind of person who always buy new clothes for the big Eid day, I understand that it's natural if we want to look good and proper for the holy big day, especially when we will meet many family members, friends, and relatives. Therefore after preparing our proper clothes (and new, cleaner, heart of course!) we might want to look fresher by dolling up with some cute makeup! Do you think so?

That's why, here I'm back with another Makeup Collaboration with my Beauty Blogger Friends, under the theme....

❤️ G L O W I N G   E I D   M A K E U P ❤️

especially to be shared with you!! I hope we can inspire / give you more ideas to look fresh, dashing, and radiant on the Big Eid day! Aameen (´▽`ΚƒΖͺ). So here's the sneak peek for this collaboration!

curious??? (︶Ο‰︶) read more, okay? 

I think "glowing" fits nicely to the Eid theme, because after all our good deeds in one month Ramadhan, we wish that we will glow / shine from within on Eid Day and on throughout the year! Right? So it will be nice if on that special day, we could glow / shine outside too! Hehehe :3

Here I'll show you how I created my own interpretation of "Glowing Eid Makeup", as well as the products I used for it.
My specific title for this Glowing Eid Makeup theme would be "The Pink Aura" ! οΌ―(≧▽≦)οΌ― 

Why Pink Aura? because it would involve a LOOOOTTT of pink! and it's my default color everyday, so this semi makeup tutorial actually looks like a tutotial for the UPGRADED version of my daily makeup! With this makeup, I believe that you can look so cute and glowing ^_^ 

Anyway, since it's a makeup look for Eid, you have to wake up very early in the morning to get ready with your makeup!  (or you'll be late to go to the mosque, unless you're on period of course). But here I'll try to make it not too complicated for a morning routine but still luxurious.

LET'S START! \(´▽`)/ 


If you are going to the mosque for Eid Prayer, don't forget to take wudhu / ritual ablution first before you start the step-by-step! Okay? ( ^_^)/ 

0. SKINCARE: Always, wash your face cleanly and apply moisturizer first before makeup, okay? Because good makeup starts with nice canvas which is YOUR healthy, moisturized face! After that, don't forget to use sunscreen / sunblock because you're going to go outside ^_^ (I never think that SPF in makeup is enough for protection, so I prefer using a specific, stand-by-itself sunblock / sunscreen product). 

1. BASE: I used makeup base / primer first, so it would help my makeup stay longer against facial oil and sweat. I used Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV SPF 35 in Ivory. I applied thinly using my fingers, only as long as it's spread evenly on my face. ---> review here.

2. BB CREAM: After the primer/base, I applied BB Cream on my face. The product I used was a very light, thin cream from an all-in-one store brand called "MINISO". The BB Cream is called "Miniso Make Up Beauty The Queen Light And Thin BB Cream". I was kinda sceptical while buying it, but it turned out good and so natural on my skin, and does what the name claims. It's seriously light and thin like a better version of my natural skin. I also just applied it thinly using my fingers, only as long as it's spread evenly on my face, because if it (or basically any other cream) is too thick, it will emphasize the fine lines on my face.

3. CONCEALER: Since I only used the base and BB cream lightly, the red spots around my side cheeks were still noticable, so I concealed them with Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Concealer shade #23 . It worked nicely to cover my blemishes, so far! 

4. LOOSE POWDER: This is my favorite item to help me controlling the oil appearance on my face, so I never missed it! I used ULTIMA II Delicate Translucent Face Powder with Moisturizer, shade: Neutral. I applied generously, especially on my cheeks and nose where I usually got more oil. It created a smooth powdery finish, that I thought so yummy like soft cake XD ---> review here.

Tips: Since we're making a "Glowing" makeup tutorial, it doesn't mean our skin has to look wetly glowing like Korean girls. You can choose any facial products (base, cream, powder) that suit your skin condition best, for example, if you have dry skin, you can use products with more moisturizer / less-matte so your skin will shine / glow naturally. And if your have oily / combi skin like mine, you still can use matte products because somehow it will still end up "glowing" on your face. Avoid too wet / glowing finish products. The products I mentioned above all created "moderate" finish on my combination-to-oily face, not too shiny nor matte :)

5. SHIMMERY BARBIE PINK BLUSHER: This is where our "glowing game" starts XD I used a shimmery blusher product from Etude House, it's called Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher "Raspberry Tarte" #03. It's actually what I often used daily. It's in Barbie pink color, with some mild glitters that created shimmery / neon-like look. I applied it from the outer corner of my cheekbones, to right under my eyes. I also applied it much using blusher's big brush because I like my blusher to be super pink and pigmented. If I don't explain it clearly enough, you can see the pic below.

This was how I applied my blusher. You can also see the surface of my skin here. Because the layer is thin, it looks natural / not heavy / cakey.

6. NOSE CONTOURING (optional): This is actually optional, if you already have sharp nose you probably might not need it, but if you do it, it will give a more defined look to your nose and your face as a whole. I used Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe BR401 (matte eyeshadow) as my daily nose contouring product. I drew straight vertical shape on the right and left side of my nose bridge until the side of my nostrils, making the illusion of taller and more defined nose (look at the pic above).

7. HIGHLIGHTER (optional, but recommended): if you have applied shimmery blusher of your own but you still think it doesn't give enough shimmer or glow that we want to achieve together (?), you can also apply highlighter on your cheekbones, also on your forehead, chin and nose bridge if you think your facial skin still looks too matte / dull. I used Canmake Glow Fleur Highlighter 01

Now we have finished the FACE section, let's move to...


1. I wore contact lenses to help my sight, but if you are not comfortable wearing lenses, or more comfortable wearing glasses, you can skip this step. I wore "More Ivy Crown Grey".

tips: Since we're going to meet many people of all ages during silaturrahim moment, it's best to use lenses with subtle pattern and color, or anything that we're comfortable/confident with. You wouldn't want people who hadn't met you for so long to be shocked or too focused on your lenses. But if you often wear colorful / playful-patterned lenses daily (like me) and people often see you that way and no problem so far (?), go for it!

Below's how my eye makeup looked like:

How was it? Do you like it? ^_^ Let's start the step-by-step!!! 

2. EYEBROWS: I love wearing soft / light-colored brow pencil, since it framed the face without being too harsh. I also just colored my brows by following the natural shape of the eyebrows. I used Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil Honey Brown.

3. SHIMMERY BARBIE PINK EYESHADOW: Yes! The same color as my blusher! And I actually used the same product that I wore on my cheeks: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher "Raspberry Tarte" #03 ! I just patted it on my eyelids using my ring finger, and done! This way was faster, and to me, created more pigmented color on the lids. (see the eye makeup pic above) ( ^_^)/

4. SHIMMERY BROWN EYESHADOW: I used the 4th shade from left on the upper line of Maybelline The Nudes Palette to color the outer corner of my lower eyelids (see the eye makeup pic above).

5. SHIMMERY WHITE EYELINER: and I applied shimmery white eyeliner called K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank #01 Grantorous Pink (which actually looked like pinkish white, and is more natural-looking) on the inner corner of the lower eyelids, meeting the shimmery brown eyeshadow on the first 1/3 part of the lower eyelids (see the  eye makeup pic above).  ( ^_^)/

6. BLACK EYELINER: I drew a thin black line on each of my eyelid using Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black. I drew it a little longer than my eye's length but I didn't wing it upwards, just drew it straight outside (see the eye makeup pic above). ( ^_^)/ 

7. BLACK MASCARA: After curling my lashes, I applied Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express in Black to my upper lashes only.

Eyes done!!!! Now the last step is.... LIPS! 


BARBIE PINK NON-MATTE LIPSTICK /LIP-STAIN: To complete the whole pink look, of course we will also wear Barbie pink lipstick!

tips: since we are going to eat lots of delicious food on the Eid day, it's best to use a lip product which texture is smooth, and the color stains. So our lip appearance won't look messy neither the color will fade after eating! Even if we want to touch up, we won't have any problem since our lip texture is still smooth. Usually it doesn't happen that way with matte lipstick, especially when our lip condition is not in the healthiest state. Κ• ˙α΄₯˙ Κ” 

I used 3CE Creamy Lip Color 14 (Lollipop)! It's the best one I have so far! The creamy texture's just sooo yummy, and the color stains nicely so it's perfect for an occassion which includes lots of eating! (︶Ο‰︶) 

This is it! Even the swatch on the promo pic looks perfectly similar with the one on my lips!

THE RESULT! \(´▽`)/

Here comes the FINAL RESULT!!!! It's sooo glowing and PINK! I hope you can feel THE PINK AURA coming from me!!! Pic Spaaammm!!!! \(`0´)/ 

How is it how is it....?!! Do you like it?! I hope it can inspire you somehow, and please let me know if you think you want to try this makeup too on Eid day or some other occassions!!  οΌ―(≧▽≦)οΌ― 


Thank you for reading THIS FAR! (´▽`ΚƒΖͺ) 
See you on my next post!

Jaa Ne! \(´▽`)/  


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