[UNBOXING] Althea Indonesia Korean Beauty Products Online Store 1st Birthday Box! #AltheaTurns1

Assalaamu alaikum Konnichiwa!!!

How are you, Minna
Hope you are all happy, healthy--- genki, dayo ne! :D

Today's post is special, because it's about a special international online store that has been close to my heart (?) for a while now: It's ALTHEA from Korea! Ever since their first launching in Indonesia (link: http://id.althea.kr/ ), they have always brought smile to my face. Yes, why? Because they introduced themselves to me and took me to very fun Korean beauty shopping experiences including the variety of rare choices and cheaper price!

Today, I'd like to share one of the "Pink Beauty Box"-es (Beauty Box: the term used for the beauty products we bought, especially packed in a cute pink box by Althea and shipped from Korea) that I got from Althea, and it's really special because they sent it to me as a celebration for...


Yes, they celebrated their 1st Birthday on July 20, so they shipped the box to my address in Jakarta, while I happened to spent my Ramadhan and Eid Fitr Holiday in Jakarta with my Husband. However, I hadn't received my Pink Box yet until the time I had to go back to Hong Kong, so I had to leave without bringing the box with me *sad*. Thankfully, my friend visited Hong Kong so I could ask her help to bring my Pink Box with her, so it's here!!!! 

I'm actually a bit sad that, because of this, I couldn't join in the fun celebration of sharing the special Birthday Pink Box with everyone on the D-Day, but hey! Better late than never! Sooo... let's unbox it right now! 

 The Birthday Pink Box looked slightly different from the usual Althea Pink Box, it came in a darker (but still not dark) pink, with cute magenta and orange polka dots. Inside the box, I received a  few small party kit: A balloon, and a paper hat (which you would see below, later)

Inside is the products that I have picked myself from the web. Yes! Althea kindly asked me what I want to be sent in their birthday celebration box! How generous! Like, seriously, they were the one celebrating birthday, but why was I the one receiving a gift box? XD  

So the products I picked was: 

 Nella Fantasia One Day Whitener Magical Whitening Cream (IDR 430000 to IDR 190000) 

I actually didn't know what this was when I picked it. I mean, I heard my friend talked about this and she said she wanted to try it. And I saw that this was in Althea's recommended items, so I chose this (It's free so it's the best time to try out stuff you're not sure whether you'll need it, haha). I haven't tried it and so far I don't know if it gives natural brightening effect or not, but this is like the better version of the previous product of the same name (the previous one is lotion, and this one is cream). 

The cream is white like in the pic above, and it came with a spatula. I remember reading in the product description that the texture of the cream will stay the same, like, no matter how much you shake or poke it, it will return to the same, neat, clean texture like a cream you just open for the first time. I also remember that it's said this technology benefits us when it's applied on our skin (face and body).

The next is this concealer:

Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Concealer (IDR 160000 to IDR 70000)

I really like this concealer from Witch's Pouch, so this one is actually a reorder! I haven't finished mine but I ordered the second one just in case!

The shade is #23 Natural Beige, the yellowish color and very blend-able texture really helped covering red spots on my face!

That's why I like it so much, and I decided to order this one too...

Witch's Pouch Foundation SPF 30PA+++ (IDR 350000 to IDR 140000)

Yes, I ordered the foundation, also from Witch's Pouch, because I have high hopes that I would love the texture as well like the concealer, but... I haven't tried the texture seriously on my face because... only after receiving it that I realized: I have picked the wrong shade!!! ;____; 

I picked the shade #23, just like my concealor but I didn't notice that the #23 in my concealer is "Natural Beige" and the #23 in this foundation is "Sand Beige". OMG ;___; so it's Pink (my skin is greenish yellow) and darker than my skin ;__; I wish I could change the shade but, nah.... T__T

But I still think about how to actually use it and make it suitable for my skin... any idea? ;__;

And the last, also from Witch's Pouch:

Witch's Pouch Popo Lip Tint - Juicy Pink (IDR 220000 to IDR 100000)
It's a tinted lipstick. I tried it some days, it has minty feeling (and smell) on my lips.

It's warm bright pink. Well, I actually prefer cool pink color, but that's okay, this color still fits my face somehow. The tint is nice too.

All of these products costed around IDR 500,000 in total (but since this was a "gift" so I got them for free). 


I'm so happy to receive these products, I haven't even finished celebrating my previous Althea boxes and I already got this one! Since I got my first Althea box, I moved and traveled a lot so I didn't really get time to post many stuff--yeah you know that already, I've been telling you this in . every . single . post . here .

Anywaaay, to me, Althea's web is like... mmm... I don't know, every time I check it, I feel like a kid entering a store full of toys and I get busy from picking which one of the sooo many interesting stuff I should try first! Not to mention, the discounted price like screaming to my ears, sooo... XD 

Also, they often have special offers, like below, (It's in Indonesian since the web is for Indonesian)

They also highlighted some discounted products:

 Also list some cheap products under IDR 50000, and their best selling products for your reference.

And the payment methods are easy too:

This is so important to emphasize that if you don't have Credit Card you still can do the Bank Transfer, yay XD You can also use "points" which you can get from Althea through some ways.

So, we're reaching the end of this post, 

I'm actually so happy to get to know Althea, and now that Althea is available in Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, I really wish they will soon come to Hong Kong too, since I move back and forth from Jakarta to HK vice versa too often XD 

SO... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, ALTHEA!!! I HOPE YOU I wish you long live as a favourite one-stop Korean Product beauty shopping center!!! #AltheaTurns1



  1. Sayang banget ga bisa ikutan IG photo contestnya kak Sherry, padahal fotonya baguusss :3
    Loh, #23 kegelapan? Apa pink tonenya yang bikin keliatan gelap ya? Diakalin pake bedak yang kekuningan aja kak.


    1. Iyaaaa sayang yaaa Dis.... :'(
      iya nih, karena shade #23 nya foundation nya itu Sand Beige, biasanya memang kalau ada shade yang namanya Sand Beige di produk lain pun emang udah terlalu gelap buat aku... biarpun itu sand beige nya standar Sand Beige korea... hahaha XD
      Iya aku ada sih bedak kekuningan dr Ultima. Tapi tetap aja muka jd satu tone lebi gelap... dan emang warna pink nya dia ngaruh jg kontrasin warna kulit aku... hehe
      makasih sarannya sayang :*

  2. Konnichiwa! As usual, you're so cute. Itu tinted lipstick ya ternyata, bingung pas cari foto lip tint-nya mana hehe Itu sheer atau lumayan bold warnanya?

    Mampir komen2 >> www.misskarlina.com

    1. Haaiii thank you very much :* alhamdulillah!
      Ini hasilnya kaya hmmm... kaya agak matte gitu dan cukup covering bibir warnanya!! XD

      okee nanti aku mampir yaa ❤️❤️


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