[PHOTOSET/ OOTD] Time Turner Travel : Souvenirs From The Future Me (Sponsored Items)

Assalaamu Alaikum, Konnichiwa.

So, a couple of weeks a go, I had a nice travel, using my old and beautiful Time Turner, to the future. I was not sure how much I'd turned the hourglass so I didn't know how long to the future I had gone. But there, I met the "Future Me". She looked exactly like me, but only more mature and wiser-looking. We had a nice and deep talk about dreams and reality, and what I should do in my current time to create a beautiful future.

 And, when it came close to the time for me to finally go back to my current time, the Future Me gave me two souvenirs: 

[PHOTOSET / OOTD] Paparazzi (?) in Wanchai, Hong Kong #StrawZeRry

Hi, Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa.

Here's just our casual photo set from a nice afternoon we spent in Wanchai, Hong Kong, on Eid Adha day 2016 (Sept 12, 2016). No, these were not what we worn on Eid Adha Praying Time. We changed into this after we arrived home from praying, and went to look for some nice Halal lunch / dinner around Wanchai (yes,it's easy to find them around this area). 

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