[REVIEW] Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream + Concealer (LOOOOVEEE!!!)

DISCLAIMER: My Skin Type is Combination to Oily, and my skin shade is Light Greenish Yellow. This product is sponsored by Clozette ID & TCFS but I only wrote honest review based on my experience. Thanks :) 

Assalaamu alaikum, Konnichiwa!!!

Today I'll be reviewing the newest beauty product I have, which is, TToo Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream + Concealer. This is also my first TCFS product! I was always a bit curious everytime I passed the TCFS shop in Hong Kong, and I'm happy to know that TCFS is already coming to Indonesia.

This time, Clozette ID gave me a chance (as a Clozette Ambassador) to try this product, and I happily accepted it. So, let's go directly to what I think (so far) about this product~~

Product Name: 
Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream + Concealer
IDR 499.000

The packaging was somehow kinda confusing, LOL. I didn't get any clear description about the product, not to mention the funny doodle-style art on the box XD

So I looked up somewhere, and found out that this product is a CC Cream that came with a concealer. This CC Cream Dinoplatz series have 3 variants, the other two was of the same CC Cream shade, but different "add-ons". One of them has a highlighter, and the other one has cheek blusher.

It claims that it has several functions:
- moisturizing 
- antiaging
- brightening
- firming
- smoothing
- evening out skintone
- SPF 30 UV Protection

Now let's see the shade of the cream on my skin

Before being spread, we could see that it was bright and pinkish (and you might notice that my skin was yellowish). But after being spread, it turned out that the cream could mix really well with my skin, given that the texture is actually really light / not thick. 

The first minutes, it might look slightly more pink / white on me, but several minutes later it would blend just fine. 

See the before after below:

The "After" one looked slightly more pink / white, but it wasn't really noticable and after several minutes it became more natural.

The coverage was really light, I got the impression that it was supposed to bring the natural-but-with-smaller-pores kind of skin, and THIS IS what I actually liked these days. I found "natural-looking-skin-texture makeup" really cute and sexy and I wanted to apply it on my daily life too. So I started liking this since the first time I tried it.

It spread easily on my combination to oily face, and after being spread evenly, I pressed the product into my pores with my fingers so it would stay in place for hours.

It also helped evening out my skin tone without making my skin looking dull from being all-same-color. Sure that our face needs a little bit of different tones in some parts (that's why people contour, right? haha).

About blemishes, most of the time I was fine with it as long as they were not very much, but sometimes I liked to cover them up too with concealer, so it's a good thing if I could love the concealer coming with this CC Cream, right?

So, I tried....

Well, it turned out that the concealer was too light to cover blemishes too~~~so... yeah, the next try, I skipped that baby on the end of the tube, and moved on to my next makeup step.

My next step after this CC Cream was actually my favourite Loose Powder with a yellowish shade. Surprisingly the texture of both products matched perfectly so my face was all ready with this CC Cream + Loose powder combo.

I've been using this for around 1 week, and so far I like it! My friends also said that the texture looked nice and so natural, thus giving a fresher and even younger look. 

I haven't found out yet about it's skin enhancing functions, of course, but I found this really nice to wear. 

After hours I would find some lights (from oil) on my nose area, but these days I wouldn't bother so much about that and simply tapped a tissue on my nose, lol. But overall, it stayed in place for hours.

It was easy to touch up again even after I washed my face with water. Usually, some products would leave a total mess after I washed my face with water, but this one was so fine, like it let the water absorbed to my skin, so I was happy :) 

Take a closer look to my skin, using the CC Cream, and my fav Loose Powder and Blush on. 

Not a perfect, flawless, porcelain-like look, but I liked it so much these days. 

Sometimes I found my face looking darker than my face really is  and my other skin area after using this  (you can see the pics below, compare my face and my hand, haha), despite of the fact the the product looked so white at first, but I still liked it anyway. 

So... that's it for this product's review, if you want to try this product or take a look at other TCFS products, you can visit it's counter in Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you find it useful, and... see you on my next post!


  1. Ahhhhhh 😍 Nice review.
    Detail dan info nya mudah dipahami, aku jadi maukkkkk ❤️ Tapi harga nya T_T

  2. Loved your post! <3
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  3. aaaakkk harganya bikin ngiler :(


  4. aaa flawless bgt wajahnya sherry >3<
    klo cc cream emg kurang yah coverage nya.. .T.T


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