Back Again to Hong Kong ❤️ (LDR Marriage, and Life Changes)

Hi, Assalamu alaikum, Konnichiwa.

Hisashiburi, desu ne? Yeah... it's been about a month since the last time I posted something on this blog. I've been missing writing so much, but for one reason or two, or three, or four..... I hadn't written anything, till today.

One of the reasons was, I was busy preparing my things to go back to Hong Kong. And here I am now, in HK, lying on the bed I share with my Husband Prince, Zenki-San, in our apartment. 

During the 9 months of living back in Jakarta (Indonesia) after almost 2 years staying in HK, many people asked me things like "Hey Sherry, will you go back again to HK? if yes, when?" And I almost always answered "I'm sorry... I'm not sure either...". Now that I'm in HK already, I answered the same to people who asked whether I'd go back to Jakarta anytime sooner.

Honestly, it's also a question that Zenki-San and I keep asking ourselves. Will we? When? Where? hhhhh.