#StrawZeRry 4 Year Wedding Anniversary, The Unforgettable Year...

Maa shaaallah Tabaarakallah. 

It’s been 4 years, Daddy Prince! What to tell to the world for the “4 years Wedding Anniversary Report” ? It is...


Ya Allah, Maa shaaallah, Alhamdulillah. 

We were struggling our best to stay positive despite some life trials that we had to deal with for more than half a year. In that kind of situation, It could be so easy to get angry to each other, to despair, to feel cornered, BUT WE DIDN’T! Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, really. 

I’m also very thankful for having the whole pregnancy moments here in our homeland: where we can have the whole health and comfort options for ourselves, and close to the people who love us the most. 

We delivered the Baby together. It’s very beautiful, wasn’t it? :’) you saw me smiling, laughing, and cheering myself during the labour so you couldn’t help but being giggly as well despite how tense you actually were.

You saw the baby coming out from me by yourself, followed by the zikr from my mouth. That was ethereal, I believe. You’ve finally fully understood how a woman struggles with their love for the family. And you’ve known better that you can’t do anything but pouring this woman with more and lots of love in return.

You’ve witnessed how I do motherhood afterwards. You keep telling me over and over about how I’m doing very great, how proud you really are of me. Actually, everything is even better because of you. What would I do without a very loving, understanding, caring, and thinking-and-seeing-things-in-the-same-frequency-as-I-am ?

You’re even great too as a Dad. I mean, seriously, you were really sure of taking our very newborn baby to your arms despite having no experience (and practice) of doing so. You whispered love to him and it’s just natural for you. As the days passed, you really made me relieved and blissful that I’d be doing this parenting thing with you.

For some reasons, 2 weeks after Delivery, we had to be separated again. HK - Indonesia. Yeah, this things keep repeating again, and again. You’re away alone, leaving your two beloveds here praying and wishing only the best for you.

But near or far, you’re really giving me the power to carry on. Near or far, you’re really delivering all the warmth from your love to our heart. Our Baby must be so proud to have a Dad like you, so happy to be born from a Mom who’s married to and loved by this Man. 

It’s been more than half a year since we had our Baby Prince. And even though I’m doing this physically without you, I’m feeling you always. But it’s true that we both need you. You need us. We need to be together. 

Will this year we unite like the normal, happy family we are? I can’t stop smiling while thinking about it, because I can admire how wonderful the memories we’ll have when we’re with you, all day. 

There were so many beautiful memories behind, but I don’t want you to take me back, let’s create more happy moments onward until we grow old, in shaaallah. 

Ya Allah... please grant us the longevity to live, love, and lead each other to your path.... and forgive us for all the mistakes we’ve done together and separately before... Aaaameeenn.

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