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Things that Spark Joy ✨πŸ’—

Hi, Assalaamu 'Alaykum.

"Spark Joy"... this may remind you of Marie Kondo, but, no, I am not talking about tidying or decluttering here. Heheh.

Okay, let's start.

Sailor Moon aesthetics πŸŒ™πŸ’–⭐πŸŽ€✨ To me, they really spark joy!

Do you follow accounts that mostly post photos of cute / aesthetic objects or flatlays on Instagram, Tumblr, or other platforms? On Instagram, I’m following LOTS of that kind of accounts. Some of them are the ones who post their Sailor Moon collection (because I love Sailor Moon aesthetic, so of course...
these accounts are very interesting to me), some post their makeup & skincare products, some post toys or action figures, some post journals or diaries, some post food or drinks, some post any objects from any angles they find cute around them. The keywords here are: cute, pretty, beauty, aesthetic. Which means, the objects should be photographed in these kind of ways. Not just being randomly captured.

Probably if you play Tumblr or Pinterest , you have found yourselves saving or reblogging or pinning that kind of cute photos too.

You know, I really love seeing that kind of photos. I feel like they bring some kind of happiness to people who enjoy beauty like me. Yea, I’m a person who can stand still and silently watch something for quite a long period of time just to admire its beauty. I can also be so chatty about it, while probably other people don’t find the beauty in the thing that catches my attention. This is why I am so drawn into Hong Kong's pastel buildings and its overal architecture. If you are with me, strolling around the city together, you may find me repeatedly saying: "Whoaaahh it's so cute! It's so pretty! Ya Allah, why so Pink! Oh! Let me take photos! Ohhh!" even though I have been living here for years. The same goes to when I see objects that I find cute, or suit my aesthetic. I can freeze to look at them and admire them for a long time, and even if I have left those things, I may still have my thoughts left with them too.

Avocado Coffee with Whipped Cream that I made after being inspired by a food instagrammer friend.

These accounts I’m talking about, they motivate me to capture beauty in anything I see / I have too. I’ve practiced making flatlays, decorating objects, choosing angles, etc... etc... taking photos of them... editing them, which means, playing with colours (OH I LOVE THIS)... and posting them online, sharing them with everyone, because I love expressing my passion about beauty and cuteness (a.k.a KAWAII-ness) into a visible form, and also it feels greater if those who see them also enjoy and appreciate the beauty in them the way I do!!

Sometimes I'm concerned, though. Exhibiting stuff I own... it can be interpreted differently by others. Some people may think that those are for showing off. But, that aside, I am even more worried about my own heart. I mean, I can't control what people think, they may think about anything and anyone as far and as wild as they can be. But how about my own heart? How if I unconsciously feel like showing off? Falling into doing a show-off (in an arrogant, feeling-superior way) is scarier to me than how people may think of me that way. I mean... arrogance is a big sin in the eyes of Allah, so... no. I don't wanna have that in my heart πŸ’”

Of course, heart management is a serious and important matter, especially in my case. I'm worried that I may fall into boasting or the need of status recognition or some kind, but I still want to do what I do because of this another human need I have: self-expression, that I have explained above. So, regular self-checking, intention checking, contemplation, introspection, should always be maintained.

Pretty shower gel with actual sakura petals inside. Definitely sparks joy!

Well, I think it is not only for what I do. What all of us do, needs this kind of regular self-checking. Because even the seemingly greatest or most kind-hearted acts can lose their values in front of Allah or even can lead into very bad results, if we... even have the slightest intention to do them for show, to boast what we have or can do and feel superior, etc... etc.

So, my statement (?) here is, InshaaAllaah I never plan my posts for showing off, like, to boast about my money, items, status, etc. Well... it's not that I have something to boast either?! LOL. I have nothing, and these, all of them, belong to Allah, that if Allah wants, He may take back everything and leave me with nothing.

Isn't this so cute??

Now, I actually want to know, do you like seeing photos of the cute stuff, like my Sailor Moon stuff, or other objects that I’ve shared so far on my Instagram @sheemasherry (or what you've seen so far on this blog)? Are you even into this kind of hobby too? Don’t worry, It doesn’t matter what you think, because at the first place I do it for self-expression, but it’s nice to know what you think too, even though I’m not sure you will even read this post until the end... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But still... thank you very much for stopping by!
See you on my next post, InshaaAllaah.

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